April 22nd, 2007

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two quick questions, in Photoshop, how do you:
a) invert the colors of an image
and b) copy all the layers at once (the full image)and post them into a new layer without first flattening

thank you!!

round border and dashed lines.

could anyone tell me how to do this border?
are there any tutorials about how to do this?
i can't find any at all.

i made a post about this a while ago.
i still can't figure out how to get these dashed lines. i've tried numerous times but it's not the same.
are there any tutorials about how to do this too?

i use photoshop 7.0 and paint shop pro 9.0

please and thank you.
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Help! how do I?

How does a mask layer erase the background? If somebody could tell a simple tutorial to do so it would help alote! I have pro 8 and image ready ( Cs2 trial ran out)  because I don't have the lasso tool :( and I suck a free hand! and I can't get hang of the magic wand tool thank you anybody!
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I've only just started Lj
If any of you have any tips or anything, that would be so helpful
Thanks for putting up with my n00bness =D

Anybody know any good tuts for the colouring of Pride and prejudice icons?
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here's one for you pretty brains.

in Photoshop. i've set my cropping tool to automatically resize what i crop into 1oox1oo icons. [and this was a long time ago so i can't remember how i did it.] and it'd be awesome if someone could help me out with how can i reset it so that i may crop pictures at different sizes?


thanks so much for your help!!
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uh oh!

A couple days ago, while i was using my photoshop, my selection tools stopped working properly. When I tried to select something, a message would pop up saying : 

Warning - No pixels are more than 50% selected. The selection edges will not be visible. 

Does anyone have any idea what's wrong and how I can fix this problem?

Thanks in advance!

The Faded Vintage Look

I was wondering how to make my pictures/icons look more faded and sorta vintage looking. I personally don't like selective colouring and making the pictures mroe colourful.

Using PSP 7 how can I get this image looking mored faded, and more vintage looking.

Thanks a million if you can help!
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hi i was wondering how i could get the following sort of colouring that these icons have; can anyone help me in steps or just by directing me to any tutorials with similar colouring?

1.    2.    3. (   )

icons by sheld0n and harmonisk

i use photoshop cs2 by the way :)

thanks for any help