April 24th, 2007

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Tutorial: River Tam Header & Icon


I was asked for a tutorial on the following icon:

This icon was actually cropped out of a larger graphic I made, and the process is a) a bit confusing, and b) missing one step in my PSD, so this is a sort of attempt at a tutorial for this header. Hopefully you'll manage to follow it anyway.

WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY (though it's all thumbnails) and LONG (because I seem to do everything the most complicated way possible...). Uses Color Balance and Variations. Made in Photoshop CS2 and I'm not sure if it's translatable.

FROM this to this

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A question about brushes

This may seem utterly retarded and not icon based at all, But I find when I download Brushes all the text is black, Is there a way to change the colouring or am I not finding the right brushes to use in the first place? I mean it'd be nice to have some sort of brush to use on a dark background that you can actually read.

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Masking For PaintShop pro X

This is probably a really obvious and simple thing, but I have no idea how to *mask*.

It always looks simple in the tutorials, but they all seem to be for photoshop and i cant get them to work properly.

It may just be me being stupid, but i love the effect and look it creates.

Can anyone help me?

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Clip of Avi file?

I was just wondering how to get those caps from an avi file for an animated icon? I tried using ImageGrab, but it keeps telling me I don't have the right codecs, and after dling every codec I can find I have given up on it. I also tried BSplayer but it wanted to install spyware so I didn't install it. Are there any other programs?
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Looking for a tutorial

Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial that shows how to make an icon with animated cherry blossoms falling/fluttering?

I don't have an example or anything but I'm not looking for any particular tutorial so whatever I can find would be helpful.
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