April 25th, 2007

  • zo_cat

Capping Query


I checked the memories for this, but didn't spot anything on it.
Anyone have any info on how to set your DVD player (in my case PowerDVD) to cap every alternate frame or so, you know like if I was wanting to make a batch of screencaps from a film, but go away and let the program do it automatically? Any help would be much appreciated.



Icons by therailway

How do you do curved lines like this with Photoshop CS? I was trying to use the pen and pencil, but it just does not turn out as smooth. I know how to do the dotted lines, just not curved like that.

Thanks in advance

(no subject)

I know this is going to sound incredibly stupid, but bear with me here, I'm new to Photoshop. (CS 8.0) 

When a person posts an icon tutorial, and then they say "If you're lazy, here, download the PSD file", I don't know how to apply the PSD to other images. Can anyone tell me how to do that? Sorry, I know, really stupid, but I'd like to know. Thank you.

Edit: Solved, thank you very much.