April 26th, 2007

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Another Question

Hey all! I've looked through the archives but I can't find what I'm looking for. Maybe you guys can help me. I was wondering if there are any good tuts on text icons. I don't mean putting text on a picture, but actual text icons. I can't upload an example right now cause photobucket is being dumb. I guess that  

ladybozi has some good examples. Anyway, thanks for any help!


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fnl icon tutorial

my first icon tutorial- friday night lights
how to go from 
uses curves.

enjoy! comment if you have questions,
and PLEASE show me what you make!

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CURVES HELP: here are the input/outputs for the curves, in case the pictures didn't help you:
RGB: input-77, output-87 & input-196, output-219
RED: input-29, output-154 & input-111, output-226
GREEN: input-53 , output-35 & input-218 , output-226
BLUE: input-64, output- 56 & input-165, output-121

help please?

I basically need help on how to do this: (I don't know who made this, a friend sent it to me asking for help but I didn't know how to do it myself, so if you know who made it, tell and I'll credit >_<)

but of course for icon size. I found this tutorial in the memories, but since there's no pictures [I'm highly visual learner when it comes to tutorials] I'm not entirely sure if it's what I'm looking for? Like how the ...animation is in the back of the lines (?)... >_< I tried on my own before but could only get this, but i just stuck on top of the picture, so any help on this would be appreciative Please and thank you :D
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Does anyone knows how to do something like that? I know it's rather easy but i can't seem to get it :(

I forgot where i got this icon, if it's yours, please tell me :D Sure to credit :D
CREDITS TO sinecure
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Differences between photoshop and psp

Ok i'm not sure if this is allowed. And i'm really sorry if this isnt, so feel free to delete. But the trouble is when i'm trying to figure out whether a tutorial i've made in ps is translatable to psp. So i know some functions which are on ps but not on psp, but could someone please identify a few more so i know...and can put it in for future tutorials i make.

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