April 28th, 2007

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How do I make an icon that scrolls accross an image?
Like, I have an image and I want an animated icon that scrolls accross the picture?

I use PSCS2 and Image Ready (I also have Animation Shop)

Thanks :)
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I need help from tutorial gurus


My project Icon tutorials database is coming along nicely, I have added more than 200 tutorials and a few people have submitted their tutorials themselves *yeay*. Lots of people are visiting and that makes me do snoopy dances.

Now I would like to arrange the Static Icons tutorials into more categories than just the three I have now (People, Objects, With Text) *btw I know  those are stupid categories but I really didn't have any other ideas at the time*

So before I make any more stupid categories I came to ask for help from the tutorial masters. I know you have a better overview on the tutorial making and how the tutorials could be divided.
Please help me out with ideas on how to arrange the tutorials *puppy eyes*

Thank you!

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Hia everyone:D,
 I saw a couple of icons which really catched my attention,i am so desperate to find out how they are made..The bluey effects on them..and on some of them they have a round bubble type thing If you can just help me by taking me through to any tutorials you no.





It will be very appreciated if you can help...I couldnt get in touch with the makers.
Sorry for any inconvinience thankyou to everyone that can/cant help.
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Text Wrapping Issue

I checked the memories under Text Related, the FAQ, and the Misc: Other and couldn't find the answer to this question. If it is in the Q&A and someone has the URL handy, you can just toss me that. I am human, I overlook things sadly (especially when right in front of my face!)

Friend is using PS7. This is her issue: "When I type text it doesn't wrap to the next line no matter what I do. Even if I press enter it just overlaps at the start of the line."

Any help, as always, totally appreciated. Never let me down before. Thank you so much in advance for any help.