May 1st, 2007

Help Please?

I came across these icons surfing and have no clue who made them, or how they did it. Does anyone know the maker, so I can ask them, or does anyone know how to make/re-create these? I have PSP, but If I had a tutorial to guide me, I could probably mimic some selective coloring steps. I think the coloring is gorgeous..

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(no subject)

I'm having a hard time finding tutorials aimed at animated/Disney subjects. I've got this masterlist, but it's mostly anime and a lot of them aren't working very well with my caps. There was a Disney-centered icon community I found, but 95% of the tutorials were just people on Disney shows, not movies or cartoons.

So, long story short, could anyone link me to some of their favorite non-anime cartoon tutorials? :)
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Mod Post: Attitudes!

Listen up, gang:

There have been a lot -- a lot a lot -- of rude and snarky comments to posts lately.

I don't want to see that, got it?

It is indeed against the rules of the community to belittle or demean other members. You see something that shouldn't be going on? E-mail icon.tutorial [at] and we the mods will take care of it. (And due to LJ no longer e-mailing me comments to my personal journal, and my LJ time during a normal work day being very limited, I am more likely to see the GMail notice more quickly.)

I have deleted a number of pointless drama threads lately, and I'm getting tired of it. Please: read the rules before you post, and then think before you comment. That's all I'm asking.

Yes, a revised version of the rules, FAQ, and guidelines are indeed in the works. And yes, I had hoped to share them no later than April 30th but, well, best-laid plans and all. They're coming Soon (tm) and until then just hang tight and play nice, mmmkay?

-Your Usually-Friendly Neighborhood Community Manager
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Re-issue of my old tutorials

Subject - Jon Walker
Difficulty - Beginners
Made In - Photoshop CS
Translatable - Yes.
Steps - 6

This Is Not My Life... )

Subject - Spencer Chaimberlain (lead singer, underOATH)
Difficulty - Beginners/Intermediate
Made In - Photoshop CS
Translatable - Not sure, it probly is though.
Steps - 7


Subject - Frank Iero
Difficulty - Beginners/Intermediate
Made In - Photoshop CS
Translatable - No.
Steps - 7

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(no subject)

Hi there...

I'm sorry for this question.. I know how annoying they can be, and most of them start the same... as this will do.

I was looking through the memories the other day and couldn't find what I was looking for, and maybe I didn't look at the right places but I couldn't think of anything else.

The thing is, I want to make screencaps, I usually use VLC, but that can be hell to use, since I want to make an animated icon. I saw in one tutorial, some program that is just a screencapping machine (lol), but somehow that doesn't work. It at least doesn't allow me to open whole shows. Oh and it said I needed DirectX 9 or something (or was it 10) but it didn't matter if I installed it again (I had it already) So I downloaded WinDVD but it doesn't show anything, everything is just black (I think it is a coded problem, but I have no idea what codecs I'm missing).. and then I saw somewhere that it is fairly easy to screencap using Media Player classic, but that also wants some other codecs and when I try the site they direct me to, to find the codecs, nothing happens.

So.. the question is, have you any idea what codecs I maybe need or how I can use VLC? (I read sometime a direction how you could do it with VLC, but for the life of me, I can't find it!)..

I hope someone can help, and sorry again...
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Pink caps?

I hate to ask, but it's driving me up a wall.

Does anyone know how to effectively "fix" very pink caps?

This whole movie is pink pink pink and it's really making iconing difficult when it comes to coloration. Any tips would be great.

I'm using PSP XI. There are three examples of the caps below.

Collapse )
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(no subject)

i know how to use animation shop and image ready and all that, but i was wondering how i would go about getting a video off of a site like youtube -- does anyone know a good/reliable program that will record a section of the screen and then convert it into a .gif file?
thanks for any help...

3rd tutorial

I re-post the entry, and I ANNOUNCE, that the entry will be open only for 1 WEEK, sorry if you don't like, but as this community has specific rules, mine have rules too...

We're going from  to

You can find the whole tutorial HERE

and I announce too, that I moved to a new community [info]blonde_nancys but you need to join to see the rest of the entries... IT'S THIS CORRECT? or are you going to delete my entry again? u_U omg

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(no subject)

Hey! ^-^
I'm sorry for bothering,just wanted to sk for some help...
I have this huge problem with some screencaps... Their quality is just ... yuk! xD
I've looked in the community's memories,but couldn't find anything!

P.s. the screencps are mainly anime!
P.s. 2 Anyone for screenshots?
P.s. 3 Sorry for the crappy english! Bye now! :)

(no subject)

Hello, everyone~

I've checked the archives and I still can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I remember a tutorial being posted that covered coloring a black and white manga image and turning it into an icon. If anyone can remember when this tutorial was posted or if you are the person who posted it, could you please refer it back to me?

Thank you so much!
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Tutorial: Background effects; Magnetic lasso

This is my first tutorial, so please let me know if anything is unclear or confusing!

Today we'll be going from this: to this: or this: (or several other background effects) using Photoshop CS2. No curves or selective coloring required, so it might be translateable to other programs? I'd say it's an Intermediate difficulty level.

See how to do it here!

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Smooth Skin and sharp eyes/mouth

This is my first post here, so sorry if I'm doing this wrong. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get these effects in Photoshop CS2.

I also want to get these effects with pictures of men (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles). They have stubble and facial hair and I would like to preserve that and still get this look. Is there any way I can do that? Thanks so much!
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