May 4th, 2007

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I use PSP7

I have always been able to make text have an outline until a few days ago.
Now this happens instead:
These are the setting I used:
Does anyone know how to fix this?
EDIT:It does this with ALL fonts.
I know how to make a border using expand, I need this for outlining pixel fonts for tags!

I hope someone can help me. Also, does anyone know how or why the background in my text editor has suddenly turned black?


Coloring, dark caps

First tutorial ever. Whoo :]

Today we'll be using a base of Eleanor Carter - from ER and portrayed by the fabulous Mary McDonnell - made by the ever wonderful scullymouse. This works best with dark, very dark caps. Made in PSP 7, so it's totally translatable. Hopefully I can show you, with success, how to go from this:

000kk3ht.png to this EleanorFinal1.jpg or this Eleanor10.jpg. It's incredibly simple, just a little long x]

Here she lies, beautifully broken

Selective Coloring Question

Hey I was just wondering if anyone knew of some really good tutorials for selective coloring kind of like this:

by char_cohen

I'm using PS7 and just really wanted to know some good selective coloring to use kind of like the icon above. So any help would be great, thanks.

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okay i dont mean to be shameless like some of you think so...

let me try again....

does anyone know how to make a promotion button....

sorry for the recent post i will delete it now...

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Hia everyBody!!
i am new to this comminity and i have been watchin this community for a while now ,and  i love the way people help each other every post is very helpful to me as it gives me a chance to discover things about photoshop,i am really interested in finding out how to get effects like these:can anybody help me by giving me some tutorial sites (PLEASE)..



thankyou for your attention:D,and sorry for any inconvinience..and i use Photoshop cs2




photoshop problem

for some odd reason, my photoshop wont open once I opened Opera, well, it opens..but I cant click any functions...
anyone know how to fix this?
I already restarted my computer..but its the same thing...
well, when i click it, it flashes and resumes to my origal screen, like this:
and then if I restart the computer and open photoshop, it works fine..but after I open Internet Explorer and Opera it goes bonkers...and even if I can get the photoshop screen, the toolbar flashes:

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I'm using some transparent .PNGs for some graphics. Problem? They were done by alpha channel or something, and when I c/p them in, their background is pure black. How do I get rid of this, or with any other colour? I don't want to crop it out; I'm wondering how to preserve the transparency with a transparent .PNG in Photoshop CS 2. ^^; Thanks

how to achieve this look?

I've been doing unsuccessful attempts to create icons that end up looking like:

L-R: by teh_indy, neversince, teh_indy, xoashwee, dekolette, misstress_tink

I resize my hi-res images to 100x100 but they don't look as clear as those icons. It's so frustrating! I've tried sharpening, but they don't look as nice--over sharpened images are ugly, yet the ones above (if sharpened) look waaaay better.
I use PS7.

Is there a specific way to achieve the same look when I resize images and make them look like those icons? teh_indy, misstress_tink, dekolette (and another icon maker whose username I can't remember right now so I didn't provide a sample icon) do it so well! How to achieve the same clarity of images would be perfect.

If anyone can provide a tutorial or give some tips, please do so (for PS7)

Thank you :)