May 7th, 2007

Paper Effect

I know that somebody has made a tutorial for this a while ago, but i can't find :( I've been passing these days looking in the archives, and nothing.

Well, i wish to know how do this 'paper' effect:

Thanks :)
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Adding eyeshadow.

So I wanted to make beauty icons of eyes. I started to find images and realized most of them needed makeup. So I looked for tutorials and all of them gave really awful results. So I came up with my own technique and I'm sharing it with you..

I don't know if this is translatable I use PS CS.

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attention span


Ok I don't have an example i'm sorry for that in advance. What i'm looking for is any type of water animation.
I've looked threw the memories and the only one I found no longer avaliable. Any help would be greatly appricated. Thank you. (I use PS7 PSP8 and AS3)
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Help Please

THANK YOU everyone for your help! I made my current user icon using some of the tips you guys gave me. Thanks!

I've been trying to accomplish something decent with this icon, but I'm having the hardest time. The original base is super red:: I played with the selective coloring and I got it to this tan-ish color which I really don't like at all for this icon::  Is there any way to add some more color to it without having the icon look strange. Here is the original pic if it helps. PIC
I use PS7:)

Thanks all!
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(no subject)

so, I went to open Adobe Photoshop (7) and I was waiting and then an error message came up saying something about a fatal error that can't be fixed. So I uninstalled it and installed it again. Then, it said the scratch disks were full and then said the same fatal error message. Now it won't open at all. I checked the photoshop errors memories and there was nothing there. Anyone have any ideas?

Edit:: I got a screencap