May 9th, 2007

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Hi. I only recently got PSP7 so there's lots I have to learn. I've already made a few icons but they were horribly simple, so I'm looking to jazz up my style a bit more. What I'd like is for someone to explain how I can make icons similar to these, in as simple step-by-step terms as possible. I've looekd through memories but there's nothing specific enough, or, at least, I don't think there is.

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I really want to learn how to get those little squares...I think it's a really cool effect.

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And I love the style of this is it done? I know a tiny bit about layers, but not enough to make anything like this.

Thanks to whoever answers this and I apologise if either of these tips have been addressed before.
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Nino icon tutorial

My first ever icon tutorial soo.. bare with me 'kay? ;D This tutorial is meant to be used as a guideline, even though I won't mind if you copy every step for you icon. This probably won't work in every icon though. Not translatable because it uses Selective Coloring. Hope you enjoy!

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2º tutorial list

i have a lot of tutorials on my memories, so i decide to do a post with all we go..

I did not make any of these

these are taken from 
almost all tutorials are for Photoshop (some are translatables)

(if you are one of the maker and you don't want your tutorial here just tell me)

last update: may 09
nº of tutorials: 133

(this is the second part)

to the tutorials


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i just recently transferred from using photoshop elements to PhotoshopCS2.
I just noticed that CS2 doesn't have the Cookie Cutter tool that I very much loved.
Is there a way to do the same effects that the Cookie Cutter can do in CS2?
i think that made sense.

anyways, thanks for all the help in advance.

magdalena frackowiak
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I've read and looked through the memories but I couldn't find anything to help. I'm trying to make avatars in Photoshop 7 and everytime I save one, it appears darker than it is in Photoshop. I've also copied and pasted, but that doesn't work either. I know there's nothing wrong with my screen, it's just Photoshop. :\

Please and thank you for any help! :)
  • nadiko

Onime no Kyo tutorial

Ok, so this was my first tutorial.... but it's actually the second one that I've submitted here o.O;

Anyway, we will be going from this:   to this:
Done in In Photoshop CS2. Although, I'm sure it's translatable.
Learn how HERE
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TUTORIAL: Batch Rename in PSP8

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Using Batch Rename in Paintshop Pro 8

Batch Rename is a simple script you can use to rename a number of images in sequence. For example, if you had a bunch of icons, you can automatically rename them to be 'myicons01', 'myicons02' and so on. This is useful if you wanted to include your user name in your files or to organize your folders. This tutorial will show you how.