May 10th, 2007

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Assistance Please?

I was hoping someone would be able to help me out...I have been through them mems here and though found a ton of useful info not what i was searching for. What i wanted to know is if there is any tutorials on making Blinkies and Pixel to Blinkies...I do know how to edit pre existing Blinkies such as adding text to them but i'd like to learn how to make them from images i have..

I use Photoshop 7.0 and image ready

Thank you to anyone who can lead me in the right direction...
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Uploading Brushes

I found a tutorial here a long time back about uploading fonts to Photoshop and it was wonderfully helpful. Could someone tell me how to upload/install brushes I've downloaded off of deviantart (for example)?
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Can anyone help me? I already tried looking in the mems...can't seem to find anything :(
I want to knw how to Combine 2 animations into 1 using ImageReady...does anyone know how to do that? Like i have a blinking heart animation and i want to add it to my video can i do that? Plz can anyone help?
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I'm new here,and I'm just learning to make Icons!I've been coming here for a while,and just thought I'd join!

I looked in the memories and couldn't find any help,so I thought I would post a new one!
I need help with textures,I can't figure out how to upload them to photoshop 7.
Could someone please help me!
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Waka-chan (^w^)

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[x] program: Adobe Photoshop CS2;;
[x] translatable?: as long as you've got selective colouring ;]
[x] uses: selective colouring;
[x] difficulty: beginner to intermediate.
[x] includes explanation detail thingies... .___.

HERE @ my journal.

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Hi, I was trying out this tutorial here on light textures (by awmp), and every time I try to save it as a brush so I can use it later, it doesn't save

But instead it saves the basic brush set. ^^;;
How do you save it as the brush we set it to, and not the basic one.

I use photoshop CS2, thank you! ^^

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Hi! I'm a complete newbie at making icons, so first just a few simple questions.

One, can you guys recommend some (free) fonts that are good to use for icons (that will be legible at tiny sizes)?

Two, I mostly use Paint.NET. Is this reasonable for making simple icons? And are there any tutorials dealing specifically with using Paint.NET? (recommendations for other (free) programs that might be better are also appreciated, but I am already pretty comfortable using Paint.NET)



hi!! can someone help me please?? i am not sure if i am allowed to post this here...if not please feel free to delete...mods, sorry if i messed up!!!

and of course i messed up!!! its behind a cut now!! sorry about that!!!!

i have PS7 and at first it was working great but now!! when i open PS7 seems okay but when i open a pic i get this...look to the right...see the layer? it shows the first pic i opened...
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A gal stops making icons for a month and she forgets the easiest stuff via cs2??!!

oKAY, I'm desperate now. How do you get this done:                

I have all the brushes- for stuff like this and yet when I click it over an image, it instead is INVERTED. The other way around and its frustrating me because Ive done this before! Its easy!...But I've forgotten how to do  it.