May 12th, 2007

how dey do dat?

ok i have downloaded brushes,i am ok with that. i even know how to make a text brush too. what i dont know how to are those brushes that are like frames or more elaborate. how do you do them? and yes i know it may be a stoopid question so i am prepared for a a really simple answer. lol
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Animation in CS3

Okay I've heard supposedly that Imageready is gone and it's all done with CS3.

So uhh where is it?

I open a gif and it says that it can only view one frame.

I've found the animation window, it just still won't act like Imageready.
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I need help desperately

I use photoshop 7.0 for a while now but today it just won´t open. It stars to load but instead of really opening it just disappears.
I tried to restart my comp, uninstall photoshop and reinstalling it again but nothing seems to work.

EDIT : now that message is showing up...sometimes it shows up but most of times it doesn´t

I really need your help...please if you have any ideas let me know.
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(no subject)

Okay. So selective coloring is great, la-de-da. But what about the poor souls that have paint shop pro?

So I've been looking around to find how to get the same effect of the selective coloring for PSP.

I've only found this one, but does anyone here know of any others?

Please and thank you!
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(no subject)

Hey guys, can you point me in the direction of any tutorials on how to make those fancy icons, sort like (though not for the exact icon)

  by toxicdelusion. TY!
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Photo Filler

There's a tool in PS:CS2 by the name of 'Photo Filler' which is under the yin/yang tool (as i call it) that creates new adjustments layers.

Is there a plug in or something similar where i can use this tool in PS7? My CS2 trial runs out in 14/13days and i have grown to love this tool and do not know of an alternative within PS7 =(

Please give me good news and tell me there is!

Thank you all for your help =)