May 15th, 2007

nake your own hearts

ok is there anywhere that will tell how make my own hearts ? i wanna make them so they are hollow because i wanna entwine them. is this making any sense? or if there are any brushes or pics that are like this then please let me know,i wanna make my own brushes with them. :-) thanks
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mmm my second oh well. (coughs) i know theres an archieve but where do i look for a toot on how to get an outline in an icon? i have seen a few icons where in the icon the person is outlined. i have pspx and ps cs2. thanks :-)
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Help me translating! - Photoshop

Hi! I have just a small stupid question that comes from the fact that my photoshop is in Italian and sometimes it's a bit difficult to find the tools that you mention here in english, cause the translation might be quite different.
I'd esp. like to know what the smudge tool is... though i know what smudge means I couldn't find anything called even close to that in my photoshop! Maybe knowing how does it looks like or where can I find it would be helpful! eheh
Thanks in advance!

edit: SOLVED! Thanks a lot to everyone who helped! :)

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spirited henry

Grainy old icon help

Well, i'm lost. I've made several attempts to weave some magic with this image, yet because the quality of the original is so old and grainy, every layer and filter I use makes it look awful. Do the members of this fine community have any ideas as to how to make this image, well, more functional?

Much appreciated!

(no subject)

Okay, perhaps this is an odd post, but considering it does relate to my icons and I need help...

Does anyone know of a free image hosting site that won't up and delete icons just because *gasp* artistic nudity? GreatestJournal is a no, 'cause they took down their image hosting. :( And Photobucket has deleted something like thirty icons from my account, even though it's on the Private setting.

Any ideas?
Emma | HBP @ LA

How to achieve these effects?

Does anybody know what to achieve these kind of effects?
Looking at the images I know there´s a lot of brushes (flower brushes), textures (those lines behind all) and a lot of gradients. But I can´t seem to make nothing even similar to this.I have flower brushes but they don´t look as nice as these and I haven´t found a texture like that. I tried but I can´t. So I´d be very happy if someone explained me or make me a tutorial or something.
These are the images :

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

All images were created by Justin from
Stock 04

(no subject)

Okay say you have a very high quality icon.. and it's got an orangish/yellowish washed out tint.. I HATE THAT.. what is the color and mode that can neutralize it.. like color burn light blue, soft light.. etc. Thanks in advance!

edit thanks soooo much to everyone who helped!
Stock 04

(no subject)

Okay I don't remember what I did to this icon.. and it was voted best coloring.. and I want to be able to do it again! lol.. I especially like the kind of bluish glow it has. Help? Thanks in advance.

photoshop clipboard help

I hope someone here can help me with this, & if this isn't allowed here, please let me know. I have tried looking through the memories, and I couldn't find anything. :(
Sometimes when I print screen or copy an image from the web and try to paste it into Photoshop, it doesn't work. My computer is copying the image, because I can paste it into MS Paint, but Photoshop won't recognize that the image is in the clipboard. Earlier it was working just fine, and then all of a sudden it stopped working again. This has been happening for a long time and I have yet to find out how to fix this problem! Any help is greatly appreciated! :)
I use Photoshop CS.
tw; isaac

Saving PS Actions.

I have several PS7 actions that I wish to save in a file to upload, so I can use them on my other computer. A couple are actions I've dled from various tutorials, most are my own. However I cannot find where they live in the PS folders. I assumed they'd just be in the Presets - Photoshop Actions folder, where they'd be named the various names I've given them and I'd be able to pop them into another file and upload that. However that doesn't seem to be the case, is it not possible to do this, or am I looking in the wrong place?

Tutorial 002

Made in PSP9, translatable. Super easy and very short!

I've been trying to figure out a better way to brighten dark images without using curves or screened layers because I didn't like how they ended up. And I like this way better than others.

HERE at my journal.