May 17th, 2007

RP Head shot with hair

Pop Art Dots

I'm looking for a tutorial to make this  effect.  I've tried halftone, but that doesn't give me the right look.  I made the example freehand, but I usually use guide lines, and round paint brushes.  Is there an easier way to do this in Photoshop 6.0?
KK - mustachioed


Every time I try to run the program, it opens, tries to download some junk, then disappears. This has been going on for two days, and I haven't gotten past the opening screen. Does anyone know what's wrong or how I can fix this?
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rainie blass


Hi friends!

I really tried to find a good tut aout this, but i wasnt succesful, so i hope u can help me
anybody knows how to insert a gif image into an image?
there you go with an Example...I want to insert
Collapse )

Collapse )

so that in the end it looks kinda like
Collapse )
just with the difference that the gif is moooooving
ANYBODY knows where to find such a tut, or even could help me and explain? I bet it´s just too simple~

thanks in advance isa ^^

BTW, all graphics in this thread are made by me isabonita , so please DON´T take without permission, thx

edit: OMG SORRY that i gorgot to mention, i am using PS CS2 and ImageReady
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Anime tutorials

I was curious and hoping that someone could point me in the direction of tutorials that work well on anime/cartoon images? I can make icons with people and real life pictures, but my weak point is anime or cartoon icons - tutorials I use definitely don't have the same effect obviously and I haven't been able to find any tutorials [or ones that I like] for anime images.

If someone could point me in the direction of some, I'd be very grateful - I'm still currently looking myself, so I do apologize if there are some obvious ones out there :( [Like, I know one was just posted a few entries down, but none of my images are that dark].
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color scheme for

i remembered seeing a post here about color schemes and how this girl posts color schemes everyday (or every week-- or something), and i was wondering if anybody can lead me to a link.

before anybody gets on my case: (1) YES i DID check the memories, but i couldn't find it or anything that relates to it. (2) i'm having trouble making the colors complement in my icons, so i need some inspiration (so this post somewhat relates to icon making).


.:EDIT:. SOLVED! THANKS txvoodoo