May 18th, 2007

Tutorial Help Please

Does anyone know which direction to point me, for a step by step tutorial for this banner, or something similar? I would like to know the blending technique, coloring and textures, maybe?. It dosen't have to be exact. I just love the technique and blending and unfortunately I have no idea who made it, to ask them. I would love any advice on how to achieve it.
Banner HERE!

I have PSP X...BTW :)

Need Help!

Does anyone know how to get this effect. what kind of filter they used?I have been trying it and it's hasn't been going well. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks. I used Photoshop CS2,CS3.


Credit to: Chelly (Saranghae012), Yuura

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Aloha everyone,

Forgive me if this post is in the wrong place, I couldn't think of anywhere else to turn to.

I have just downloaded a bunch of bases and I've noticed that they all already have a border, which also shows up in my workspace in Photoshop. Does anyone know how I can get rid of that border, especially if I want to add one myself?

Mucho gracias!

EDIT: I added an example under the cut ;)

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spin and coloring. possibly texture. stock icons. how to??

im pretty sure this is a radial blur but i cant seem to figure out the settings. it quite subtle but very effective and it doesnt go to the edges. theres a texture hidden in there or maybe noise?

id love to know how to do the coloring and the effects on these icons. the post is not in english so im kinda weary to ask the maker. maybe someone here can help me.

made by karpics

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stock >> beach.

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this is really my 7th tutorial but i never posted my 6th on because its not that great.

from this to this
it works pretty much only with mary-kate & ashley pictures or a light skinned person. 

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Does anyone have any good paint shop pro tutorials. ive been through tons of posts here and they seem to be only for photoshop which I dont have. and I love tutorials that i find here I just cant use so please reply if you know of any tutorials for paint shop pro.
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Animation file size and icon quality help!

I looked through the mems and found nothing that helped me. I need help with making animated avis!

I know pretty much everything I need to know to make an avi, I have all the resources I need to make some awesome avis. I love making them but I just find no point in it anymore cause whenever I come up with a great idea, take hours fixing up the very low quality pics i have to work with, brightening and coloring them one at a time, I go to save it and the file size is too big. I try to delete pics and resizing the avi to make it smaller, I go from 100x100 to whatever looks best, I delete alot of caps, I lower the quality until the icon is almost unrecongnizable and I still can't get the file size low enough to use on places like LJ.

So does anyone have any ideas on how to lower the file size without deleting too many caps or even better, non at all and without losing all the quality I have left after I save my avi! I am currently trying to take this avi and and make it 39 (or lower) KB!

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