May 21st, 2007

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Text Dissolve?

I did browse the ImageReady and Text sections of the memories, but I couldn't find what I might be looking for...

Is there a tutorial, or could someone please tell me how to create a dissolve transition effect for the text in an icon? Like, one word dissolves or fades away and another appears (fades in) in its place?

The programs are PS 6 and Image Ready. Thanks!
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changing colors

so.. is there any way to easily change the color of a car without having to go through the whole thing with a colorize pen and changing it, and without having to select the whole thing with some kind of lasso tool? i have any program to use. the colorize pen in a pain in the ass, and the lasso tool always misses parts and you have to erase out the parts you don't want colored. i just want to change the color of the car without ruining things like the headlights, windshield, tires.. so on. thanks a bunch.

oops ps i'm mostly using photoimpact but i have photoshop (which i can kind of figure out) and psp (but its version 4 or something silly)

i guess some girl who used to work here did it somehow with vectors if that helps...
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(no subject)

Hi sorry to ask a dumb question but last year sometime I made this Charisma Carpenter wall from a tutorial however at the time I wasn't very good at remembering add things to my memories :( I'd really like to use this style again and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a tutorial for this or something similar. Thanks in advance.

EDIT Sorry I use PSP8

Major Help

I really need help guys!
I found this lyt off of some site, and I really want to know how they made it.
Like where would you get the brushes, and how do you get the font on top, and how do you do the whole collage looking thing.
I am so confused.
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Question about animation

I am sorry i don't have an example but maybe someone will understand this...I had seen a few icons around LJ with text on them and one word swirls out of focus then back into focus. I had looked in the mems here and didn't see anything like this so i thought i'd ask if there was any tutorials on how to do this?

Any help would be really appreciated
Thank you

I use PS7 and Image ready if that makes a difference
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Photo fix-up tutorials?

Does anyone know of any tutorials which teach you how to touch up really damaged photos, for examples, ones taken on a cellphone camera or in bad lighting? Like how to get rid of static, blotches of color, fuzziness, etc.?

Hey, don't look at me like that, this is for icons! No, really. 8)b Thank you in advance for any help you can offer! ♥
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(no subject)

I've been looking and looking for a really good tutorial that good be at any relation to this, I checked the maker's memories and I didn't see any tutorial for an icon like this.
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can anyone help with this? i use photoshop CS2.
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Help needed

Hi guys! This is my first post here and it comes with a question. I was wondering how can i achieve this result as nothing seemed to work for me :'(

Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Textures and Patterns

I'm still very new to making icons but how do you add textures and patterns to your work? I've already downloaded some but I'm not sure how to open them as a layer. And also, how do you create a new layer and flood fill it? Thanks!

Aaand dumb question of the month goes to....

Boy have I got the stupidest question ever, LOL. Sometimes icon makers offer .psd files in their tutorials for download. What in the heck do you do with the .psd once you download it?

0.o x100

I've never experimented with .psd files before, hence with the cluelessness. :) Any help is, as always, much appreciated.

*slinks off*