May 25th, 2007


Tutorial #1: Vibrant Greens (PS7)

This is my very first tutorial, so feedback is much appreciated!

Today, we'll be going from this to this!

You can find the tutorial HERE at bustix_icons!

More Examples

- This tutorial uses Selective Colouring, and is not translatable
- Please credit bustix_icons or bustix2000 if using any of the icons in this post (feel free to friend my graphics journal!)
- I'd love to see your own results!
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Need help with text.

Ok so I am new at this.  Most of the tutorials seem to cover changing text but not how to apply it.  I have only made a handful of icons and it seems that I manage to do things once and then cannot figure out how to do it again.  I have PS Elements 5.0.  I cannot seem to add text to my icons.  I have managed to do it twice but cannot figure it out again.  I crop the icon and add layers to it but when I click the Big "T" and change my font, etc.  Then when I try to do the text on the icon either I get a big dot or a text box with no big line in the center.  For the heck of it I tried to add text before I cropped and that worked but as soon as I crop - I cannot add text.  Myabe I am not doing a step...I just don't know and I am very frustrated.  Does any of this make sense???

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PS / PSP / Translatable: Glamour Shots Effect For Photographs

This tutorial will show you how to get the ever so popular glowy effect on your pictures. This is also referred to as the "Glamour Shots Look", if any of you are familiar with those old pictures : D This tutorial is step by step, broken down with many images for anyone that might be just starting out. I hope you find this tutorial to be very useful for you. Please show me what you've done!

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Question about using text

So, I'm having a problem with photoshop CS. I've been making quote icons lately, and this morning I opened a new 100x100 blank project, went to create a layer to put some text on it, and only the box shows up. When I start typing, nothing appears, the icon remains blank. Is there some setting that I may have accidentally changed? Because I can't figure out how to get the text to show up again, and I've checked everything I know that could mess with it (ie: resolution, etc). Any help would be great!

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Ok, so I'm having a problem in Photoshop. (I'm using 7.0) When I am blending & decide to use a texture, it is messing up. I set it on multiply and lower the opacity & it makes lines in my picture. Hopefully someone can help! There is a pic of what is happening here & under the cut.

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Photoshop Help

Here's the deal. I made a brush set for PSCS2 and it works great except that it doesn't show a preview of the brush when I'm trying to use it. It shows a crosshair instead. Does anyone know how to fix this. If you want to see the brush set go here

It's really irritating and if anyone could help that would be great.

EDIT: This also just started happening.

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I can't use some of my filters. Anyone know why?

PSP8 Problem! [help!!!]

Hello, you see here, I've been having some problems with my Paint Shop Pro 8.

What happens is is I use a certain font (in this case, Uptown), and when I try to move it/resize it, the program crashes with the following error message:

Free Image Hosting at

I'd really like some help help... Please tell me I can fix this... Please? DDX
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I use PSPX and I am in the middle of making an icon and I used a Curves layer and a Colour balance layer only I didn't write down the values I used so I wondered is there any way to get the values I used on those layers please to be able to replicate them elsewhere without having to save it as one big file and copying them over? I know that I could possibly have got them if I'd gone to Adjust and then from there but I didn't, I went from the layer palette. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Photoshop 7.0 question

I have a question. I did something in Photoshop and I have no idea how to fix it. For some reason there is a little envelop in the left corner of every PSD I open. I can make it dissapear with CTRL+H, but then my bounding box dissapears too and I don't want that.

Here's and example for of how it looks.

Maybe it's something very simple, but it seems I can't find it.

Problem solved, thanks damnskippytoo
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Does anyone know...

Does anyone know where I can find this one long list of icon tutorials with pictures of the icons representing them? just like this one: here...except, it's wayyyyy much bigger and has more icons. I know I saw it somewhere, but I couldn't mem it for some reason. 

Hopefully, one of you guys know where it is?