May 26th, 2007


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I'd like to now whether there is a fast way to make those stripes in the backround. I'm pretty sure there is, but I can't find it anywhere. I use PS7, thanks in advance!!

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Does anyone know of a coloring tutorial that works well on not very good quality caps? I've tried lots on the caps I'm using but they all turn out wrong. Maybe no such tut exists, I thought I would ask, though, just in case. I use PSP X.
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Please help me overwrite my files! (Cross-posted)

Hey everyone, sorry for being a delinquent poster who only cross-posts help messages, but I'm desperate.

I use the same version of Photoshop (CS) here at home as well as on my workstation. Now the thing is, I have a huge project which takes up 20 PSD files, which I save a copy each at home and at work. Now when I open the copies at work, all my changes show up, great. But when I open the same files at home to work on them (which is happening more and more often, WTF XP), NONE of the changes I'd put in them appear - each PSD reverts to the way it was more than a week ago! For starters, it shows up with a different font instead of Arial (the default font for all the text in the files). And, all the stuff I'd erased a day before have re-appeared. What peeves me even more is that I actually keep saving each change as I go.

So what gives? Is there any way I can fix it? It's never happened to me before, so I'm stumped.

Thank you very much for any and all help. I'm getting desperate because every second spent re-doing each previously changed bit of data means moving a second backward from finishing this project.

Again, if this isn't allowed, I'm really sorry and the mods may delete this. Thanks again.
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Hi. I'm making a poster of my church and I wanted to use this picture:
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But I wanted some color on it.
Is there any way to add some color into it?
I use Photoshop CS2.
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Hey everyone. I have a question..
I got married on May 11th, and my Mom took some pictures with her camera, but for some reason they all turned out completely washed out//bright looking. Her camera only does this when outside, but even pictures she takes inside has a strange look to it (lines going across and such). Ive tried every thing on her camera to fix it, and I still cant figure out what the problem is. Its a Kodak EasyShare Z612, and I dont know where her manual is so theres not much I can do.
Thats not really why Im here though, since I know this isnt a camera community.
I was wondering if there was anyway to fix the pictures? Normally I wouldnt be too upset about the loss, but it was my wedding day, and Id love to see the pictures she took. Ive tried playing around with photoshop myself but Ive had no luck.
I uploaded the pictures to photobucket in case anyone knew what to do and wanted to fix them. You'll forever be my hero. Otherwise any advice would be great, or just knowing they cant be saved would be good to know too, so that I can just let it go.
Thanks :)

the pictures

Thank you all for your help!

Font Guide

I figured it was time for me to crack down and do a font guide because it seems lately that with every icon post I do, I get what font did you use for icon#?. So, I thought I'd help. Click the link for a complete list of the fonts I commonly use on the majority of my icons. Includes download links and some helpful tips. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Font Guide is here @soul_flowers


I downloaded a video so I could take some screen captures and make icons. When I opened the video and played it (in WMP11) I took a screen cap then opened PS7 and pasted it. It wasn't a screencapture but instead it showed the video playing. I don't know if this is a problem with WMP or PS; this is my first time trying to cap.

Any ideas how to solve this?