May 28th, 2007

Animanga/VG Icon Tutorial Master List

I...sort of started working on this a while ago, but I never made it public until recently.

Anyway, there's a few for people icons, so why not one for animanga and CG characters too? After all, the iconning approach is completely different (Like how excessive selective colouring doesn't always work on animanga icons :()

It's located here, in case anyone's interested.
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[x] program: Adobe Photoshop CS2
[x] translatable?: as long as you have selective colouring. :]
[x] uses: selective colouring; smart sharpen
[x] difficulty: beginner to intermediate.

HERE. : )

Irish Girl, Urban Outfitters

Black and White Base, Colored Inset Tut! (Fixed!)

My first tutorial!!! Wheee!!! Anyways...the main icon being used in this tutorial is the Woody and Jordan kiss from the series finale of Crossing Jordan...cap from Cross-posted to my LJ. Inspired by unique_kiwi 's Kristen Kreuk tutorial here. Sorry for any quality issues, it happens when you resize it to 100x100.
Go from this to !
Program: PSP8. Easily translatable.

Edited: Changed files to PNGs and removed the Rory/Logan one, I didn't like how that ended up even after re-cropping

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icon bases/textures

whats the best way to makes some icon bases? i see loads of great ones but i havent a clue where to start. thanks. :-)

p.s i mainly use psp x but i do have ps cs2,but i dont know my way round it that well.

p.s.s a;so while i am here,is there a toot for a complete image ready beginner? i have it but am clueless with and would love to do something with it. :-)
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round borders?

a while ago, i made a post about how i could do round borders on my pictures, someone replied with a link, this link showed the difference between an average tutorial on how to do them compared to a better one, there was 2 screenshots of a sharp border and a smooth border, i've gone back quite a few entries and tried looking through the memories, i can't find it anywhere.

does anyone have the link?

nevermind, i found it;
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