May 29th, 2007


If anyone could help me please. i was checking some challenge sites and i found this icon

it won first place on rayearth_awards but the icon maker doesn't exist anymore and i love how this icon turns out. i'm asking here because i don't know if it's correct to ask in that community. if anyone can tell me how to make my icons look like this one (or close) i'll be very happy =)

thanks =D

Tutorial Sephia Technique and B&W images!

Hi....again!! this is my third time that i post in this community asking for tutorials,....

I want to know if im right doing sephia and black and white pictures?

if not...someone can help me???? in the sephia pictures can someone tell me how do it right???
please i apreciate all help!!!!  
"" ""
Thanks again!!!!!

Fixed boston^^ i hope you can see the pictures!!! and help me...
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Need Help With Photoshop

I just got Photoshop CS2 and I was wondering if there are any LJ’s that are specifically aimed at helping Newbs (such as me) with PS. I currently use PSP X so I’m a bit lost. I’ve never used Photoshop so it’s all quite foreign to me.

For example making a new layer and filling it with #fbb2f5 has thrown me for a loop. Pathetic I know but yeah...Lol!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! =D And sorry if this question has been asked before.

EDIT: Figured out a lot of stuff after just messing with it. Lol! Thanks to everyone who responded! =D 
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Cartoon dialog brushes needed

Hi averybody... I'm desperatly looking for some cartoon dialog bubbles know anytime a character thinks something there's this little cloud with written on what he's actually thinking... Does anyone know where I cna find them? It's been ages since I downloaded brushes and all my links are no more useful...

I'll be forever thankful.. I need this for some jokes we're making for a friend's graduation...