May 31st, 2007

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ok here my story
I got so sick this weak *phenomia (sorry butchered the spelling)* so I treated myself by buying PS CS3. Only the dumbas* I am, with my fever, I deleted all my actions when i deleted CS2. I had about 10 actions devoted to lightening Supernatural icons.
plus, with being sick I am suppose to have surgery next wk, which was postponed twice. so I am so lost and ready to cry right now.

Anyone out there who can give a list of good tutorials for dark supernatural caps:
or any preset actions they have for the show.

if this is wrong area to post bc it a request can someone direct me in right area?

Icon text effect

I have a question. I as wondering how I to make text do these efeects using Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready:

These are from iconator and I've been wondering how to do this for the longest time. If someone can make a tutorial for me or point me to a tutorial already made I would really appreciate it. Thanks
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text direction

Hello, just a quick question. I use CS2, how can I change the direction of my text on an icon? For example:

both made by the very talented so_severus

Also if anyone knows where I could get font like that that'd be great too.

[Edit: SOLVED - Thanks everyone!]
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Tutorial: Textures and Text Effects

My very post here at Icon Tutorial. Long time graphic designer, new to LJ, so forgive me for any mistakes.

So shall I post the first tutorial? Might not look like it, but that's Baby V. XD

ft. Vanessa Hudgens

Collapse )

Other icons made with this tutorial:

These icons look very different, but that’s how they came out with this tutorial!

Hope you guys enjoy the tutorial!
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I know someone tried to recreate the coloring of this icon (and did very well) and it wasnt the person who made it. I was wondering if anyone know where I could find it? It uses the same picture too.

Please and thanks!

Edit: Got it, thanks so much!
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Tutorial #2 : make some fun with the horror colors

This is my second tutorial . I’ve made some avatar and I discover a very cool way to design an avatar . I’ll give you that right now . Okay , here is my tut :

Our aim today is make this icon turn into :

( Follow my heart ... )

Here is some samples :

You must remember : “ This is just a basis to it . Every image is different

Thank for reading this tut ! I really want too see your comment & your own result .
See ya !

I'm using to upload all these tut . So I'm very afraid of losing them all suddenly ! Sorry , but my photobucket acc is having a problem and I can't upload anything !

Love'd !

Merging Layers (in Photoshop 7)

Blargh, I can't find a reference in the memories, and I know I learned this technique at some point, but I've forgotten.

What is the Windows Key-command for merging layers up into one layer, while keeping the original layers seperate in Photoshop 7? That is, I want to combine these layers into the blank one, but keep the three layers seperate as well:

The thing is, I know I could create a new document, by clicking the new document button in my History panel, and then merge -> copy -> paste into the original, but I'm pretty sure there's a key command to make it so I don't have to do that.

Could someone tell me what it is? ♥

[EDIT:] SOLVED! Thanks! :)
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Moving and Pop Art Effects

Does anyone know how to pull these effects?

BTW, the Harry Potter icon belongs to shadowshamrock
She actually has a tutorial on how to make those little animations on the side, but I couldn't follow. So does anyone else have any other technique on how to put little animations on the side of an icon?

I just want to know how you put those little dots on the Pop art picture, I know you can do them in PS via filter. I pulled it off once, it's just that I don't know how you do that anymore... 

PLease I'll be so uber happy if anyone can help!!