June 1st, 2007

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Miyavi Icon Tutorial.

Program used: PS CS2. Should work fine in other PS versions.  I don't know about PSP or GIMP.
Level:  You'd need a basic understanding of how PS works and the tools/functions such as gradients, layers and cropping. I tried to explain the best that I could. :)



More here @ fullrefund.
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Curved Text Tutorial

One of my non LJ friends asked me how I did the curved text on this picture, but I thought I'd go ahead and post the tut here as well. Hopefully it will help some one else too :)

Click for full size

Done in PS CS2. It should translate at least to PS 7...I'm not sure about lower versions or PSP.

This one won't be exactely like the example as I didn't save the psd, but it'll be the same technique.
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(no subject)

I require the help. Probably, somebody will prompt how to make a similar icon ( I don't know, by whom it is made ). I have in view of color scale of icon - in my opinion, it not simply texture...
Thanks in advance. I use Photoshop CS2.

Font help

Hi Im new! Ive been doing some of your tutorials (theyre brilliant by the way thanks so much!) but Im having one problem. The font. How can I write on them without ruining the look and in a nice but readable font? Please help Id love to be able to make some for myself with whatever I want on them! 
P.S Keep up the great work!