June 2nd, 2007


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How do I print-sceen something from a DVD that I am watching on the computer?

Sorry if this has been asked before, I just got the movie 'Marie Antoinettte', and there are several scenes that would make delightful icons =]
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Hello all.
I'm using PS-CS2 and am wondering just..what is done here. I've browsed through memories, specifically effects, and it proved to be fruitless as I'm not even sure what it is I'm looking for. I'm trying to figure out what's done here to make the image look like this:  

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us 

Is it just a certain layering technique? Possibly a texture? Screen? Blurring? I've been fiddling around with different tools and nothing seems to give the result I'm looking for. The closest thing had been when using the Surface Blur. But it ended up too dark. I'm not so much concerned with the text or blurred circle brushes.

And, I would've asked the creator about this but the forum that it was posted in is currently down. 

I would appreciate any help given. Thank you.

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Several months ago, I found a few different posts that had tables of icons that you could click on to link to a tutorial. I thought I found these posts through the memories here, but now I can't find them at all. There were at least two or three of them, each with dozens of icons, which made it really easy to find tutorials based on colouring and the like.

Does anyone know what I mean? Sorry if this is OT, but it's driving me crazy!
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Hey, can somebody point me towards to tutorial or something for this kind of realistic coloring?
If there isn't any tutorials around... anybody got any ideas. I like the subtleness of them...

Thanks a lot!