June 3rd, 2007



Ok, I haven't used photoshop since last summer, and I forgot how to upload textures or however you do it. This may sound completely stupid, but someone, help? aha
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PS tutorial

I recently downloaded a copy of Photoshop CS2 and kind of screwed around with it until I got a desirable result. PSP is still WAY easier to use so I won't use PS from now on unless I have to. Tutorial HOOOOO.

How to go from to in just 8 easy steps.

( Tutorial under the cut )
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I'm trying to find out how you can make coloring like this:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I have no idea who made it, but whoever did, tell me so i can credit.

I know there might be some layers and the base image to screen...?
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how can I get this colouring?

I was wondering how can I get the colouring on these icons by icons_are_hot

I also would like to know how to get this colouring (sorry I don't know who made it) and the circle effect

I know I'm asking to much but these is the last one :)
Where can I get these texture/brush with these geometric effect? (also by icons_are_hot)

uff :P
I finished :)
-> I'm using photoshop 9
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Tiling patterns

I looked through the Memories and I couldn't find anything about making tiling patterns in PS (I use PS CS). Tiling would look so much better than an image filled w/ repeating squares (I'm actually working on a large image, for a change, not icons) and would love to be able to create tiling patterns. Many thanks in advance!
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Animation Quality

I have noticed quite obviously that when I press 'Save Optimized As' in ImageReady to save my .gif file that the quality of the image is reduced greatly.


For the websites that I want to upload animations to some don't have a KB limit on the graphics, so I don't have to worry about bringing down the size of the file. My question is, is there a way to save a file on ImageReady and not have to optimize it so that it saves as a .gif file?
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Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this irritating pixelated effect?

It seems to happen mostly when I use curves layers to brighten dark caps, but I can't seem to fix it at all. If anyone knows a filter or something to get rid of it, or at least minimize how much it stands out, I'd really like to know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I use PS CS2.
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I got really bored, and I;ve had this TUTO just laying around on 
my laptop for sometime now, so i just decided what the heck 
and got bored soo im sharing.


Made in PSP9 but TOTALLY Translatable.
Involves Curves.

**There is a small little Photoshop adjustment at the ends but it isn't necessary.

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folded paper

I'm a big fan of making things look old and worn, and I was wondering if anyone could help me.  How can you make a realistic looking folded paper line on a picture?  I use Photoshop CS.  Any helpful hints or just guesses are appreciated!

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New and Freaking out!

I was playing around in photo-shop and I deleted my layer menu! It's gone, vanished, poof! And I have NO idea how to get it back! Please, I'm sure this problem is very simple to solve and I'm overlooking something, obviously. But please help me anyway. T_T

P.S All the tutorials here rock  =D
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Tutorial #6

Hello everyone!.
I got a new tutorial for ya, hope you like it! ;)

Tutorial #6
Type: Selective Color & Radial Blur
Steps: 5 or 10
PSD File: No
Programe: Photoshop 7

HERE @ my journal

< No need to credit, though it's a nice gesture
< I'd love to see your results
< Feedback is love