June 4th, 2007

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A little help, prs?


So I've just started making animated icons, which is AWESOME btw, and I followed an amazing tutorial. However, it didn't show how to achieve the really cool flashing effect you get before the text frame in this icon here, by comically_so:

If anyone could help, I'd be really grateful!! Thank you, in advance!!! (If I'm breaking any rules, please tell me? That way I'd, you know, not do it again? XD)
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curves question

I hate curves and that's a fact^^
Apart from this,when I try to follow a tut that says,let's say I:200 I always get a message that says 'an input between 0 and 99 is required,for output is says between 2 and 99. Maybe I have some default settings wrong? No clue
I use Photoshop CS. Thanks!

looking for tips on colouring.

I was wondering if you would give me a few tips.
Mainly on how to make graduated colouring. My icons are always kind of blocky in colour, and slightly vulgar because they're too bold and there's no real 'pop' to them.
eg. Collapse )

Whereas, I would like to have a sort of subtle graduated colour- that has life to it eg.
Collapse )

Mainly, my problem is that I don't know how to use gradients properly. And I have played around, but I can never get such subtle changes- I can't get good colour. I mostly use selective colouring and curves, yet it's always blocky for me.
Please help.

I use PS CS2.

Thank you.
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Issues cropping

I use Photoshop CS and it's been working fine except when I tried to crop a photo the image was a very tiny grey square. I tried again with other photos but always got the same result. I'd uninstall and reinstall but I don't have the disc with me.
Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Please?
Thanks in advance!!

SOLVED! Thank you!!!
thank god thank god

(no subject)

Okay, so I just downloaded the GIMP today, and I know how to resize and everything, but when I try to make something 100x100 it turns out weird. Like, it changes to 100x53 because of the ratio. And I've tried resizing the picture to something that would resize to 100x100 with a ratio. So, I don't know what's wrong.

Can anyone help me?

Did that make any sense whatsoever?

I figured it out!

EDIT #2: It turns out that I just had to select the resized picture, and open it in a new document, picture thing. And then you scale it down to 100x100. Just so people know!

Cropping help.

I've looked through the archives, but I can't seem to find this one tutorial on cropping. The user had a very detailed tutorial on getting a variety of good icons by just using one image. If someone can locate this tutorial, I will be forever grateful! Thank you.

P.S. And I think the image she was working with was a model, if that helps.

I use PS7, but the tutorial might have been for PSP..not sure.

Thanks again!
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resizing help

i've asked this before awhile back at iconmakerlove and i thought my problem was over with but now it's back again.

okay so for some reason when i resize a picture to icon size it gets choppy. i only have this problem when i'm doing icons and want to include the persons whole body, i don't have this problem when i do close ups of their faces. i have smart size selected for resizing and i've used that for a long long time and haven't had much trouble with it. so my question is do ya'll have any suggestions or tips on how to fix the choppiness when i resize a picture? i'm just getting really annoyed with this so any help would be great

p.s. i use psp 8