June 6th, 2007

[VS} Curves are sexy


I recently downloaded the KMplayer mirror and I was wondering if there was a step by step guide that will teach me how to cap video and open them in AS? Or even just something to point me in the right direction...

I've played around with it for awhile and I'm having no luck.

Thank you!
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Various bubble effect

This is a very common effect right now and some of you might be wondering how to get this effect!
Many have asked me what texture I use to use it and therefore, I'll post them up together with a tut for how to use them.

How to go from:


there are some other general effects used with bubble textures presented too.

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JAM, hands

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i got a little help in this tutorial.

here's how mine turned out:

i dont understand.
their icons are perfectly clear.
and i did the exact same thig...
but.. mine still turn out this way.

its weird cause on photoshop it look like it should.
then it gets like this.

i think its my computer thats doing this.

any help/suggestions?

nevermind! i got help.

ill keep the tutorial on here for others anyways.