June 7th, 2007

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Does anyone know how to recreate this icon?

Brushes, the font used for Kandy... stuff. I use Adobe Photoshop CS. And I feel ashamed because I don't know who made it, sorry!
JAM, hands

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does anybody know how to use font from dafont.com?

like this one.

i dont know how to use it.
do i copy and paste it and then set it to multipy and erase everything but the letters?

that would take up a lot of time.

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I'm new here, but I've been making icons on PSP XI and Photoshop 5 for awhile.

Something I can't figure out how to do is install brushes on Photoshop. Nor am I able to make tiny text brushes do what I want them to on PSP. If anyone has any suggestions for me, I'd really appreciate the help.
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My first post here. Yay. *clap hands*

So, i made this icon few months ago and i can't find the tutorial anymore and i didn't put it to my mems. Do anyone knows where i can find a tut to how to make this.


Thanks! ^^

P.s Sorry my bad english
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coloring question

How would one go about in achieving this kind of coloring? I use Photoshop CS2.


They are two different colorings that I would love to learn how to do. I really like the perfect balance between the pink and yellow in the first and the vibrancy and clarity of the second despite the darker areas.

Thanks a lot! Both icons by iqons.

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hello im new here. i read the rules and i dont think anything was put up about what im about to ask, but i may have glossed over it so, we'll see.
im trying to make this an icon but has to many pixels or something, i dont know how to shorten the clip or anything and i was hoping you could help :]


So apparently, any good tutorial out there for beautiful coloring (bright or unusual colors) involves selective coloring as far as I've seen.

The thing is, I have Photoshop Elements 5.0 and have used up trials of Photoshop CS3, CS2, CS and even went so far as Elements 2.0. 

Photoshop CS3, CS2 and possibly CS are the only ones that I know of that have selective coloring and I, having Elements 5.0, obviously don't have it. ;_;

So two questions.

One, is there another free program/Photoshop that I haven't tried that has selective coloring or something very similar? Or two, is there any recommended tutorials that don't involve selective coloring but get the same, beautiful bright/unique colored results people see in icons nowadays?

Thanks muchly. :))
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pixel problem x_X

okay my problem:

i only have this cellphone cam
and so my fotos look like this

and normally i would smooth the skin now
and then edit my photo
but because of the pixels it doesn't work

can anyone help me and tell me how to minimize or how to get this much pixels away?

would be nice :]

Curves Tutorial

As requested by staticlights. This isn't just a tutorial for specific icons—I also included a breakdown of how I use curves; hopefully, this breakdown will help people understand curves better. :D

WARNING: There's one picture at the end that's close to 2MB (it's a .gif), so please be patient while it loads! ♥ The rest are fairly manageable sizes.

Samples included in this tutorial:

( This is a very, very curvy tutorial ;D )

The only feature you need for this tutorial is, obviously, curves. :B

- hl