June 9th, 2007

Disney icon tutorial #9!

Yippe! A new tutorial! This one is a bit lengthy though, and will mainly work for images that have some green in them!

Go from this:  to this:  without using any selective coloring! This was made in PSP 8, but it should be translatable!

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hey guys i have a question!!

how can i have a color brush?
i mean i know its imposible, but here is the situation, i have a brush and i want to add some color how can fill the different parts of my brush?

this is all about filling, i know its a stupid question, but i dunno how to do it cs2 ...

sorry... thanks =)
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I have  question for you all. I use Adobe Photoshop 7 and I am having trouble with my text tool. When I click on the picture to type, the little flashy white bar (sorry, I don't know what its called) shows up. But, the text is tiny. Even if I make the font size 72, its still tiny. How can I fix this?!?! Any help you could give me would be great! Thanks in afvance!
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Somebodys got to know....

How do you creat shadows like these around his face? I have cs2 pro 8
 I've been wanting to for very long time! and nobodys answered me:( 
This is the manga image I want those shadows on, of coures I colored her skin first, just need to know how add the shadows.

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Hello! I am kind of new to Photoshop and making icons so 'Hello'...

I was wondering if anybody knew how to get rid of the severe yellow in this screencap from a Guardian interview with Patrick Wolf:

It's really bad! Can anybody help to make it as 'normal' as possible?

Thank you!
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Disney icon tutorial #10!

Hooray, I'm on my 10th Disney icon tutorial lol! I'm sooooooooooooooooo bored! So I made up a new tutorial! :D Made in PSP 8, but Photoshop and other PSP users should be able to do this, it's shorter and easier than the last tutorial I put up!

Go from this:  to this:  without using selective coloring! :D

Bippidity... bobbity... boo...

Edit: I used a different base so it doesn't look so squished!
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i have possibly the dumbest question ever.

i've been using PSP for as long as I can remember. but recently i got photoshop CS2 in addition to my PSP. now, i'm not sure how to phrase this.. is there any way to save the steps i've gone through to make the icon instead of having to repeat all of it for every single icon i make?

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I've looked in the memories, but I haven't found was I was looking for, I probably missed it. I was wondering if there is a tutorial that can help me archieve and Warhol-Monroe-effect like the one in this picture:
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do anyone know how can i coloring a icon like this one @@?
sorry.... i just help my friends to ask that question.. i don;t know where the icon from ^^"
thank you for your help ^__________^

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this might sound stupid but how do you paste a merged layer with photoshop on a mac? i'm going to leave my PC for a while and I still want to practice icon-making. Does anyone know anything on what to do? Please and thank you to anyone who replies!

i use photoshop cs.
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Hey all!

I hope this question is alright. I'm pretty new to icon making, and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good guides to help me.  I'm looking for ones especially for coloring (curves, color balance, selective coloring), but any guides at all are good.  There are a whole bunch of tutorials on how to achieve a certain specific effect, but I'm looking for something basic, that'll just tell me how to use certain features and give me tips. I hope that makes sense. In other words, instead of something like this that just tells me how to get from a base to an icon, I'd like more general guides like this or this. In other words, I want to know why you make the decisions you do when you make icons. For example, what exactly does selective coloring do, and how do you choose your settings? I know there are plenty out there, but they're kind of hard to find.

I use PhotoPlus 8, which I know not many people use, but that's why general guides are so nice. It has most of the features that most other programs have, and though the way you use them is often different, I can usually figure it out.

Thanks so much!