June 10th, 2007

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What is my mistake?


I have a huge problem
Always i want to create (using selective colouring) a green-blueish icon, it comes out

I followed
this Tutorial by tentaphia 

I often tried this, but it never worked fine,I thought this was because of my pic I wanted to work with, but now I tried it with the example pic of jessica alba, and it looks horrible, what do i do
always wrong, that it turns out wrong for me?

Euhm... i checked the selective colouring again, and everything was correct...
I set it to the default which was ABSOLUTE

These are my Layers and the final result...if u still need info on it, please let me know


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Can't think for the life of me how I did it!

Hey y'all, I'm new here and was wondering, I made these a while back, and I can't think for the life of me how I did them, does anyone have any ideas? I know it was something to do with green, and something to do with reddish or pinkish but don't know at all...

The original pictures are... and... ahhh the wonders of Holby.tv image galleries!!


I'm still pretty new to adding text in my icons but all of a sudden, all my texts are now extremely huge after I crop my picture even if they're set at 6pt. I'm using Photoshop and I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks :D


I know that is not the best place to ask this but...someone can tell me a GOOD tutorial for Wallpapers?????

I use photoshop CS....  i apreciatte your help


Selective Coloring

Hi. I just swapped over from PSP to PhotoShop because I've been dyyyying out to use selective coloring, lol. I have seen some incredibly rad tuts out there but I've always ignored them because I had PSP. =P So, I was wondering if you (whoever would like to reply) could post one of, or a few of, your favorite selective color tutorials? Or/and you could direct me to a (really great) list of SC tutorials. I would appreciate that so much. =D

Here are some of the kind of selective coloring effects that I really adore, and would especially like to start achieving:

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Please help me

[ This is my first post here. Sry if i did something wrong! ]

This effect seems to be used very often but i couldn't find any tutorial that could help me to achieve it. On the first two icons it isn't that clear but i think the third one shows pretty clearly what i'm looking for.


ICONS by [info]nialish_icons and vsk_icons
S O L V E D !

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