June 11th, 2007


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i was wondering if anyone knew of any...GOOD, RELATIVELY EASY, and CLEAR tuturials for sort of a...scrapbook wallpaper style.

please please please can someone point me in the right direction??

& thanks in advance..
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3 tutorials

First post with my first three tutorials.

1] Made in PS7. Involves Selective Coloring. Not Translatable.

2] Made in PS7. No Selective color.  Not sure if translatable.

3] Made in PS7. No Selective Color.  Not sure if translatable.

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I *had* a tutorial; 'Line art with the Pen Tool', me thinks. It was an image, which I had saved on my PC, but (in typical PC fashion) my PC lost it.
SO! I was wondering if any of you *wonderful* people, either have it, or know where to find it ^^
Thank you :D
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Ampharos: Glow

Ampharos "Glow" Tutorial

It's time once again for some fun learning from Halo. Once again, I bring you something I stumbled upon while working on a batch of icons. This time we'll be learning how to turn this into this. This coloring gives us a nice soft yet vibrant coloring that can be used in all of the major graphics programs. The coloring works well on screen caps from animation, graphic novel art pages, or illustrations. You can use all the steps and make a complete icon or you can stop before the brushes and patterns and change things up to suit your tastes. This tutorial was made using Photoshop CS but can be achieved in any program that offers layer types.

( Image rich tutorial under here )