June 13th, 2007

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I'm kind of stuck on an icon I'm working on...

okay... so I want to get some text to ... 'wrap' to her ...kind of like how I drew that black line...

is it possible to do so?

and I'm using Adobe Photoshop 7.0


Blocky colors on large pictures?

This isn't tecnically a question about an icon... but I want to make icons out of pictures like this and I can't figure out what to do about the blocky colors. I have a feeling that it might just be me, my computer, my dialup, because other people work with these pics and there's no weirdness. It's happened with me before, whenever I try to get really big hi-res pics (although sometimes hi-res works fine). Is there any way to fix it? A reason why it happens?

Thanks in advance.

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2 problems

How do I save an animation in PS CS3?

Unlike CS2, which I used to have, CS3 has no "Save Animation As" button.. I tried saving it as just a GIF, but then it asked me to flatten my layers..


Also, my layers window keeps messing up and won't let me click in it.. How can I fix that?
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I have PSP7/AS3

and 2 questions:
One, does anyone know of a tutorial similar to THIS, for PSP7?

Two, I have searched high and low, and come up with nothing.....if it is possible to make icons similar to these in PSP7(and AS3), might anyone direct me to some tutorials?




Thanks so much for any help!!
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I'm looking for a tutorial that explains how to get the blinking eye effect. I remember seeing a Naruto icon like that around here, but for the life of me I can't find it (Call me blind). An example of what effect I'm talking about would be:


Black & white..textures

I have looked at the memories but I can't find tutorials that involved black & white pictures and textures well you have  made some with textures but it's a little and I would like to learn how to play with them, do you know about these two stuff?
thanx a lot
take care.
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yeah, i know ive posted here lately, BUT, i made this with Adobe Imageready. And the only reason it looks like crap was because when i save it, and everytime i 'save optomised as' it, the colors get distorted and looks likes this! i worked really hard on it, and my colors were really nice.

does anyone know what happened and how to fix it???