June 16th, 2007

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A wee-bit of an issue with my PS7...

My Photoshop program won't let me save or open images that are PNG.! JPEG. just doesn't have the same quality as PNG. so all my icons' qualities are not where I'd like them.

Can anyone help me, please? *Begs, Puss-In-Boots style with the huge eyes* :D
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hey there!!
was just wondering a couple of things,
  1. how do you do an outline of a person in an icon?
  2. how do you get a little colour onto a b/w pic?
  3. what is the best way of having 2 pics in one icon?
sorry bout that,i think i am in curious mode!!! lol any help would be nice,thanks. :-)
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Fast help please!

I've got Paint Shop Pro 9 and I have a quick question about something that needs to be fixed...like now, cause I can't make anything! So if anyone can help, please do.

Okay, so I open PSP and I go to make something. Once I hit the eraser, I can't see the settings you can make it at the top. Normally once you hit the eraser button, the size, shape, opacity, etc comes up on the toolbar but that's the problem...it's not. So I'm stuck with my eraser very large and very low opacity, which is hard to make walls with! It's the same with the freehand selection tool and paint brush too. And I'm going mad with not being able to change anything.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE anyone, help me! :)
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Please bare with me!

Ok I've seen some beautiful icons recently with the "blurred" circle effect and I've been itching to make some of my own, So when I follow the tutorials and get so far I can't find the "radial blur" option which is used to do these...

:/ I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact I use JASC Paint-Shop-Pro 8 or anything, But a newbie friendly tutorial would be perfect for some one like me who struggles with this sort of thing, Please?

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Hey guys, I noticed that it a was pretty popular question on how to get dashed lines, well here is a link to one. Hope that helps some of ya'll! The person who wrote it is a native German speaker so some of the translation is a little off, but nothing that gets in the way. I don't think this has been posted before...but if it has then you're welcome to delete this post. :D