June 19th, 2007

Code Geass l ;D

Coloring help?

Hey, I was wondering do any of you guys know how to get these types of coloring?


First & Third icon; adair7 ; Second icon; ??

I would ask who ever made them, but I only know that the last two were on Photobucket, and I don't think you can talk to people on there. So, if you can tell me who made the first one, and if you know how to get the coloring, tell me? Thanks! =]

I use Photoshop v. 7

I hope I did this right. xD;;

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PowerDVD help?

I downloaded the trial version of PowerDVD just minutes ago, and I picked up on how to cap images.
Now, I see there is a video button but I can't click on it. Why is that?

I also have Intervideo WinDVD. Is it any similar to PowerDVD? Does it have a video capture too?

Plus, I want to make a icon like this:

Sorry, I found this on photobucket so I don't know who made it.

Thanks in advance =]

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I was using my sister's computer the other day, since mine crapped out.. And I found these three beautiful icons in her pictures folder..
I'm just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of tutorials for them or help me figure out the colouring.
I use PSP8 and PS7, so if they include selective colouring, thats fine.
Also, I have no idea who made the last one.. So if you know, please tell me so I can give them the credit they deserve!

1. 2. 3.

(First two made by kkiske Thanks to narishun-kun for telling me XD)

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a little help please.

I use photoshop 7.
I am having trouble with my layers. For some reason if I wish to move a layer around and position it diffirent I have to hide the layers above it or it clicks to them and move them. I also have to put the layer I want to move on normal or it clicks on the layers below it.

For example if I have a text layer and I want to move the text some where else on the icon I have to blow up the icon to see the text lines better click on the actual text and move it. If I don't it moves the layers below it or above it.

Normally if you select a layer it says on the layer and not move around to others.
how do I stop this?

Also is there an easier way/ perminate way to get ride of the little 01 in the top left corner instead of hitting Ctrl H all the time?

I hope someone can understand this. ^_^;

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I have been looking for the texture like this for a long time, but still haven't had any clues about it.
Can someone give me some good textures (big size), and some tips to make pictures look crimpled and like they're from the 70's.
Kinda like this: (credit: larafairie.deviantart.com)

Thank you so much.!