June 20th, 2007

『くすん』  ☆ RED

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I made this icon and saved it as a .psd file, but when I opened it again it turned out like this:

It now has this weird, yucky red-ish colouring on it and all the layers have been merged even if I didn't merge them. What happened?

I use Photoshop 7. Thanks!
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I need a tutorial for this icon, does any one know how to do this "OLD and RED" effect?

PLEASE HELP. I use Photoshop 7, Thank you!
I don't know who made this.

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I found a tutorial by xnahnseex and she has a step that's not familiar to me, a photoshop user.
the step: 7.then go to adjust >> automatic saturation enhancement, set the bias to more colorful & the strength to normal (skintones present checked) You can play around with the bias & strength if you'd like.

any help by what this means to a photoshop user?
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How do I save as .zip?

If it isn't appropriate to ask this here, feel free to delete.

I recently made a set of textures and I would like to save them as a .zip file to post on Deviant Art for people to download.

How do I save them as a .zip file?

I'm on a Mac and I have Adobe CS3.

Sorry if this is a stupid question. Thanks.

still and moving images

i've been seeing a couple of photos like this and i've been wondering how to achieve this animation, i've looking through the memories(maybe not thoroughly enough?)
ex: 1

i think they might have been made using different techniques i'm not sure though. any help would be greatly appreciated :]]