June 23rd, 2007

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Mod post: *beams with pride*

Hello, gang!

I'd like to make a rather momentous announcement. This morning, icon_tutorial crossed the 20,000 member threshold.

That's right. Twenty thousand.

I'd like to thank you all for making this community what it is; sometimes we all kind of want to beat our heads into walls about it, but on the whole it really does work remarkably well, and that's because of all the participants asking and answering questions, and sharing their knowledge.

I would also like to thank aquamarcia and yueni for their vigilant eyes, tact, diplomacy, and knowledge. And when you wonder why we're sticklers about the rules, it's because with a community of 20,000 that only keeps growing, it's either applied vigilance, or a total mess, hehe.

From me, and on behalf of the other mods, thank you all.

Cheers. :)
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(no subject)

I don't know if this is the right community for this question but I hope someone can help ^^
I'm looking for many picture frame brushes similar to those in the pictures: (yes, they can be black/white + medium/big size)

They need to look fresh, playful and NOT BORING XD So I hope you know what I mean...XD
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CSI tutorials

Ok so im looking for CSI tutorials. [Apart from the recent one by thelightbox_x. I have racked my brains for HOURS trying to find a colouring which i like, and i still havent found one. So i was wondering if anyone had any CSI tutorials they know of, so i can learn from them =]

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I need lessons for making an icon from the dim blue picture like this. But I would like to make its qualitative, not changing the general color tone. Who'll help me to find lessons for bluish pictures? Please. Thanks in advance! 
I use Photoshop CS2.

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Maya The Bee
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My dilemma...

Photoshop Elements or Photoshop CS2/3?

WHICH ONE would you choose and why!!?

Pro's and Con's for each?


UPDATE: Thanks for all the replies, everyone! I know cs2 & ps7 very well but really just needed to know what everyone thinks of Elements as I need to buy new software for my new Toshiba (old notebook was an iBook)... and noticed that it was only about 15% the price of cs2 but didn't know anything about it.

Many thanks again for all your feedback! :o)

Transparent Line...?

Hey, 'tis moi again.

I've noticed that around the outside edge of my icons, there is this line. This transparent line.

Do you see what I'm seeing? How can I get rid of this irritating line around my icons without having to abuse the Clone Stamp tool? Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

I use PS7.

how to...?

i was just wondering,what is the best way to lay out a pic for your brushes,bases,e.t.c download? is there a unform way of laying it out? you can see here how i have done and was just wondering if i can show them off a bit better....thanks. :-)
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(no subject)

a question, sorry to be a bother. i've downloaded a few brush files for photoshop and saved and extracted them and put the ABR file in my Photoshop 7>Presets>Brushes folder but when I open up PS7 and try to click that brush type, it says "not compatible with this version". but i've done it before!! is there something i'm doing wrong? :(
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(no subject)

Quick question.

Anyone know any free programs that make screencaps? I already used up my powerDVD trial and I tried KM Player but somehow it won't work on DVD's for me. It might but maybe someone would know how to do it?