June 25th, 2007

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.tutorial: blending and composition

Written for tx_tart, who wanted something on blending and composition in larger graphics. As with all things, it grew and grew until it became a catch-all tutorial for texture and icon making as well. But the core should still be the same :)

Software: PS7, with some selective coloring
Difficulty: Hardish? Mostly time-consuming, but hopefully rewarding in the end :)
The tutorial includes a .zip file with all related image files, plus derivative icons and textures.

we has tutorials @ discolore.
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Icon help~ (Paint Shop Pro 8)

Hey guys! I started making icons, but for some reason whenever I save them they come out all bad quality. Really quite annoying.
Anyone have any ideas?

(Also, not sure if this means anything but when I go to save the finished icon the a message pops up saying something about the file has to be a merged image. Maybe that's causing the low quality?)

Thanks a lot everyone! ^_^

Screencaping Problem

I'm having problems getting my screencaps to open in Photoshop 7.

I used PowerDVD to screencap and the file is a .jpg file, I've checked that much out. However, whenever I try to open the image in Photoshop or ImageReady I get a message saying 'internal file signature is incorrect' or, more specifically, Collapse )
Any reason this may be happening?

Another question: Is there anyway to capture a lot of frames in PowerDVD quickly, one right after the other rather than pushing the button a lot? I'd like to try and make something such as seen in my current icon; a movie type icon.

Thank you for any help.
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I don't know what to label this tutorial ^.^

How to get this: Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us From: Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us and Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us - If these images are messing up your Flist, do tell me & I'll hyperlink them instead - I tried to check icon_tutorial's profile page for the limit on image size on banners but the stupid thing won't load! D:

NB: Works on black & white images. I made this in Photoshop, but I've tried to translate it into other programs as I go along. =D

( I know you know that I'm not telling the truth... )

colouring question

Hi, folks! I'm wondering if anyone can offer some advice or point me towards a tutorial that will help me achieve the following colouring in Photoshop? The banner is by grain_de_beaute, and I checked with her, but unfortunately, she created it with the French version of GIMP, and wasn't sure how it would translate to english Photoshop. :) She did, however, give me her blessing to check with y'all. So:

Original photo:

Desired colouring by grain_de_beaute:

Thanks a million in advance to anyone who can help! I'm usually pretty good at puzzling through colouring, but this one is just eluding me, and it's too gorgeous to leave a mystery. ;)


Can someone post links to an easy-to-follow guide for doing manips? I can do them I just want to learn on how to improve...

I would be so grateful for your help!

BTW - I use GIMP so I'd want a tutorial for that or one that you can transfer :)

Thanks xXx
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