June 26th, 2007



Sorry for post again, but i think know one has seen my question.

Have someone any idea how to get these effect??

[it's not made by me, i have found it]
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PSCS Curves

I'm using PSCS2, and I'm trying to follow a tutorial where it says to set curves to 255, however when I enter this PS says that an integer between -1 - 251 is allowed, I know I've seen this problem before but I couldn't seem to locate it in the memories. Is this even an error or is it a PSCS thing?
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Quick PS Question

As you can see, I have a really quick PS question. All of my little toolbars on the right have disappeared (the ones that show your layers, etc.) and I don't know how to get them back. This is what my screen currently looks like:

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I'd appreciate any help I can get!

ETA Solved, thank you everyone!

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searching for a tutorial....
it's an icon with a model getting ready for the runway (getting make up), it's kind of purple-ish and the icon was a question i think, like someone asked here how the coloring was made.
I lost it in the sea of tutorials so, please help me and I hope this is allowed :)