June 27th, 2007

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On wallpapers such as this one..

how do you select just the person from one picture and add them onto somewhere else like that? like how the bigger picture of Jensen is right on the texture but the picture of him is perfect and not harmed. i don't know if that makes sense.
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.tutorial 05: erasing and color composition

Hey all :) In the vein of my last tutorial, here's something with more info on erasing and color composition, with stock texture manipulation thrown in.

So we are making:

Software: PS7
Difficulty: Hardish? But if you could follow the previous tutorial, you can follow this. Works with selective coloring, variations, and curve layers (just a bit). The collage part is a bit more involved because the various stock components will be more heavily modified.

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I made this icon back in October and I do not remember how I made it, I'm pretty sure I used a modification of someone elses tutorial but I'm not sure, but I'd really appreciate it if you could help me figure out how I made it. I know I used a SC layer.

This is the original image that I used.
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Thanks ahead of time for any help you can give me.

can you help?

i have some brushes that give the icon a curled page effect...like a page curl with tears in in it (mmm i hope i explained it ok) and i was just wondering if there are any toots on how to work with them? i cant for life of me remember where i got them or have an icon with this effect so i hope i have explained myself ok. sorry if i havent. i use psp x and ps cs2,mainly psp x.
also,i would like to know what is the best toot to start with when learning ps cs2? i am not too familiar with all it has to offer and would like to get to grips with. mainly cos everyone is using it for brushes and stuff. thanks. :-)
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