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How on earth do you make changes to a set of images, as a whole, on Adobe Photoshop (7)?

For example, I have around 25 frames that are going to be made into a Gif. I want to erase the edges of that GIF, but in order to do so, I have to click each and individual frame to do so. If I click the set and try to erase or do something, it tells me that I'm not able to do so.

The only thing I CAN do as a set is change the size of it.

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I'm taking tutorial requests here for any icons I've made within about the last year. iulieki requested a tutorial for the effects on this icon:

I even asked her to provide me with an image to do the effect on, so today I'll be going from this to this:


It's ten relatively easy steps and while I'm using PSP8, my program of choice, it should be more than easily translateable to any other GIMP-level program on up. You may need at least moderate experience with your program to be able to follow this.

Find the tutorial at my graphics journal.

- Andrea.
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Scratch Disks Errors On Photoshop

Hey all, scratch disks problem is like hell, Yes you've guessed it right i'm having scratch disks error in my photoshop
I tried to look though the community memories, found some and was helpful but not that much
Was helpful but my photoshop is not allowing to open it,
Also removed EVERYTHING possible from C disk. I want to clear some space by Cleaning manager but i forgot the code to run :( can somebody help me?

brush issues in Photoshop Elements 5.0

Ok so I finally figured out how to load my brushes. Last night I tried to use them. I made my icon and put the brush I selected onto my icon and after I was done.....saved my icon and the brush disappeared and did not save on the icon. Help! Hope this makes sense......
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Photoshop CS2 Help...

Hi, I hope someone can help me with this, but on my work laptop, I can't get Photoshop to run. It opens up, has that splash screen and then nothing... there's a folder icon on the toolbar at the top with a magnifyingglass that flashes really fast, but it wont load any of the standard toolbar icons or side panels.

I'd take a screen capture for you, but along with it slowing down my computer drastically, it doesn't seem to let me save to the clipboard so I cant even paste it into paint and show you.

Please help!
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Small question..

Does anyone know how to get rid of annoying scan lines like in this photo? I'd like to know if there's anyway to make them look better for icon making...I use PS7.

Thanks to anyone who helps ♥

Colours for blend layers


I've looked throught the memories but didn't find what I was after. I was wondering how you know what colours to use for blend layers. I've found loads of good stuff about what the blending modes do, but none which explain why you would use say, a dark blue colour rather than yellow to achieve the effect.


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a photoshop tutorial for beginners

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
click image for full view
Software Photoshop (works with any version that has the ‘spherize’ filter)
Difficulty beginner
Type video and written (your choice)
Aspects Keyboard shortcuts, filters, colorizing, layer styles, defining brushes and patterns