June 30th, 2007

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I have Photoshop CS2 & Imageready
I also have PSP7 & AS3.
I would like a tutorial for the animated hearts.

credit celebrated@babyicons

Thanks to anyone who helps!
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Halp D:

Is there a way to make a patterned angle... blind-type thing in CS2? I know I can make the horizontal ones, but I was would like the angular ones ;D. (That made no sense, right? Sorry. I haven't slept in 24 hours.)

I've checked the memories, and it isn't in there. Well, it is, but all of the entries I found were f-locked, not what I was looking for, or... something else that didn't help me :/.

If you could link me to a tutorial, that'd be excellent ;D.


I looked inn the memories put i didnt see anything exactly like my question so here goes...i just downloaded a mask brush set but im having trouble using them i was wondering if anyone knew how to use them thanks in advance.(btw i use psp XI)

tinny text

I searched in the memories  but I haven't found tinny text brushes and most  of the links in there are broken, do you know where can I find some?
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