July 2nd, 2007

Coloring question

Can anyone link me to a tutorial on how to achieve something close to these colorings, please? I use Photoshop 6.0.

And also this coloring?

I'm sure the second coloring probably involves some selective coloring...

Thanks if anyone can help~ Icons are by girlknees.

Font Help

I checked the memories and couldn't find this anywhere.

I need help on getting new font into my ImageReady. I know different sites where I can download new font such as Dafont.com and such.

I just have no clue as to how to get it into my ImageReady after downloading it.

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(no subject)

Alright so I have a question for you all. It's not about making icons though. Its about coloring on larger images. Examples of what I'm looking at are at these links. I've asked the person who does the pictures how they do it, I'm waiting for them to write back. I use psp7 and photoimpact. No selective Coloring. I don't know how to do that.

I just like how the images look so high quality and kind of dreamy and greenish i guess you could say, yet they're still large. other examples are just on their main website. Please help!!

http://www.eisley.com/journals/trolleywood/_23610/#more (Not the first picture on this one, all the rest of them though. I don't want that much green)



ps. What should I be saving a large image as? On that website they're a JPG and they're so much higher quality than when I save an image as a PNG. I've always been told to save as PNG.. Have I been wrong all this time? But this isn't the most important part of the entry. I just mainly need to know about the coloring.

How to?

Can anyone tell me how to archieve this coloring? I've been trying it for ages and it seems I never get it right. I use PSP9 which does include colorbalance etc. just no selective coloring. Please help? Icons are by supc4ik .

Curves help!

OK so I'm trying to use a new tutorial I like, and it uses curves, but when I adjust my curves settings, my curves goes weird on me and gives my icon a weird coloring. For example:

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Can someone please tell me why this is happening and if it can be fixed? Thanks!

Edit: Problem fixed, thanks to everyone who helped out!
[scarlett o'hara] - pretty

Please help?

I'm looking for a tutorial for red hair [i.e. making it look brighter; making the colour red seem more vivid].

I know there was a very good selective colouring tut, but I've lost all of my bookmarks and now I can't find it >.>

The result was similar to this:
[icon by me]

Wall-E | Stardust

Umm a request?

Hi. Umm I've seen this used a lot and I really wanted to know where I could find a tutorial or just the kinds of textures used to make an icon like these:

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Please and thankyou
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