July 3rd, 2007


Help with this icon...

Hi... i've been searching around the weapon_icon community and I found this icon:

but i can't access the tutorial... i just wanted to know if someone can post the tutorial on how to obtain the picture quality... i mean the base picture... it's very smooth and glowing I just wanted to know...

Thanks in advance!!
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Look at this video..

Can anyone tell me what's the tool for changing the face's and lip's shape and the one which allows one to move the eyes about called? And also, what edit was done to her hair and with what tool? Looks cool. I just got photoshop cs3 and want to play around with it!


how is Free Transform different from this one?
seems like it need to be "spray painted" then "grids" appear which you can pull to adjust the shape..

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looking for help

Ok. I need some help here.
I created this graphic, but things don’t like I want them to.
The girl, as you can see, doesn’t look like she belongs there. I’d like her to look as if she were part of the image, rather than a piece of paper in mud. She looks very flat especially around her head and hands, and I’d like to get some dimension in there.

Click image for full view:
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Tutorial lists?

Does anyone have any lists of tutorials?

I've browsed the memories, but I didn't find what I was looking for. I know someone posted a list of tutorials some time ago, but with so many entries every day, I can't find it.

Please help.

EDIT: I found what I was looking for. Thanks a lot! ♥

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Program: Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0
Transferable: For other versions of Photoshop, yes; for other programs, possibly.
Difficulty Level: Medium (for length)
Image Heavy: Very

Fireworks Tutorials

Does anyone know of ANY icon tutorials for Macromedia Fireworks? Even any PS tuts that are translatable into Fireworks. I know it's an a kind of uncommon program, but I'm poor and can't afford PS ;(
I've tried using the tutorials on the websites taht are out there for Fireworks, but I already knew how to do all that stuff. Any that pay particular attention to colouration would be so greatly appriciated.
Thanks in advance
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my tuto 12:love baby mione

We will go from to or

Request by badobsessions
made in PSCS
with 2 SC laysers

Rules and Notes:
If you like this tuto, please comment, cause your comment is my biggest power~~
If you like my works, you are really welcome to friend me^__^
ATTENTION PLEASE:all the color images I provided here are just for reference.

Other similar icons(coloring)

don't you guys find my tutos are always in blue tone? I LOVE blueXD
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Problem With Rounding Corners

Okay, so I'm sure that this isn't in the Memories, because I started in the FAQ for newbies and came across the tutorial on how to make icons with rounded corners. 'Perfect!' I thought...

But I'm having a problem with it. I read the comments left by other people and it seems getchokedup & plasticineposes had the same problem, but a solution was never posted :(

Check out this comment for a perfect screen-shot example.

I can get the feather on my rectangle tool & inverting the selection is no problem at all! It's just the anti-alias doesn't wanna let me click the box... so when I pour on the white paint it goes all fuzzy & has no impact at all.

At first I figured it was a drawback because I'm using PS Elements 4 but the screenshot above features PS7, so that's not it... Now I'm just plain lost!

Can someone please help me, I just wanna master the art of the rounded icon like everyone else... HELP!
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Action Assistance?

Hello again --

I was following a tutorial to make some good colouring; and I got the brilliant idea to make it an action, because said tutorial has a lot of steps and I'm lazy.

I recorded the action correctly (or so I thought!)... But when I work with a different picture, I get these annoying pop-ups with Photoshop... And I'm wondering if I recorded the action incorrectly. Any way to remedy this would be greatly appreciated. If it helps at all, the link to the tutorial is http://aiken-4graphics.livejournal.com/46578.html and an image is http://img293.imageshack.us/img293/9139/umqj2.jpg

I'm horrible at HTML, so I apologize in advance for the text links. =)
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Colouring Help?

Im hoping some wise person hear will be able to help me.
I love the colouring on this header for Th_icontest.. ( credit to who made it)
and i was hoping some one would be able to tell me how to recreate the colouring on the left had side..

I use PS CS2
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Thanks heaps in advance
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Brown/bronze/gold colouring anyone?

I've been browsing a ton of tutorial lists that I had saved in my memories and also some more posted here lately, but I couldn't find anything that suited what I was looking for... so here I am :D

I'm looking for a way to have pictures with lots of brown/gold looking crispy and glowing... I don't have an example, I'm sorry. 
It's just that most tutorials I've seen involve blue/red colouring and I've also tried some of them, but the result was quite disappointing on a brown base, cause they get too red or too yellow... or they look like they've be been washed out :(

Advices anyone?

I use PS CS