July 7th, 2007

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Photoshop 7.0 and ImageReady 7.0


My subject line says the programs I use, and the icon I'm using is something I'm trying to work towards. Only recently have I ventured into trying to make animated icons, and the only one I've made [that looks anywhere NEAR animated IMO] is this:

I've tried finding a comm that hosts caps of various movies and TV shows, but I'm still at a loss for what program I can use to get screen captures of my own. The ones I have found don't have caps of every frame, and it's hard to make a seamless animated icon when not all the frames are included [at least, it's not to my satisfaction]. Could anyone point me in the direction of a *really* good screencaps comm, or some other place, along with recommendations on a downloadable program to be able to get frame by frame caps in case I want to make my own? Oh! Also, what's most recommended for beginners? I've heard Quicktime is really easy to use, while others use...GIMP? And then someone recommended animagic - I still haven't figured out where that download went [LOL] but, gosh, sorry guys - I was hoping to be able to clarify what I was looking for without getting long-winded.

Also - I ♥ this comm - I've been a member for a week, and I've learned TONS already just because others have posted such helpful stuff for beginners like me! *hugs comm*
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I can't for the life of me figure out the colourings in these icons, and unfortunatly when i saved the icons i didn't note who made them. So any help would be really appreciated.

I use both PS7 and PSPX.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

ImageReady: Animation and Tweening

This will be a tutorial for tweening. Since animation will always be popular and because it's fun!!!

Truth to be told, there aren't that many tutorials with working images in the community's memories anymore (which is just what happens, in time), so I figured I'd try and see if I could do something about that, since the questions about ImageReady pop up quite often.
Expect one or two more from me on the same subject in a while.

Disclaimer: Since this tutorial wasn't written for icons perse, your end result (if you follow this exactly) will not adhere to icon-standards when it comes to filesize and image dimensions!
This is mostly because I use a whole lot of frames... The principle/technique still stands though and can be used perfectly well for icons with some adjustments.

We'll be making something like this:

  • Rather image-heavy

  • Fairly lengthy

  • Assumes little to basic familiarity with ImageReady

  • Feel free to ask questions in the comments if anything is unclear

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I hope this is useful for some of you!
Paper Moon

28th Tutorial

As my 27th tutorial involves an icon that I have submitted into a competition, I must skip ahead to the 28th tut and come back to the 27th once the winners are announced.

made in PSP9

If you like this or any of the other tutorials at my journal, feel free to friend me


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I recently upgraded to Photoshop CS, and, well, the color blue won't show up at all. It shows up on the window in Photoshop, but not IN photoshop.

For example, if I were to paste this: Image Hosted by ImageShack.us into Photoshop, it would look like this: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket.
But, if I "Save For Web" it looks blue again. 

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Thank you so much in adavance, :]
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Can someone please help me? I would love to know how to get colouring like the colouring in these icons. Could anyone tell me or direct me to some tutorials to achieve this sort of colouring? Thanks in advance for your help :) 


Texture Question

I've been looking all over the internet to find the answer online but i couldn't find the answer.

I want to know how to load textures on photoshop cs2. And well use them.
I don't know too much about them or what they are used for, I have just found a lot of them on brush sites, and I was wondering if some one could help me out!

Thanks loads!