July 9th, 2007

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1° Tutorial

Well, a friend ask me to make her a banner and i came up with this lovely coloring. Made in Adobe Photoshop CS2 in just 5 simply steps!

Go from this to this

HERE at my journal.
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help, please

Im having problems trying to open up a new image/template. I can open up photos, but not blank canvases.

I've restarted both Windows and Photoshop, but its not working.

Please Help!

I fucked Britney! Made for ME by lexi

(no subject)

=0( Almost everytime I shut down or restart my pscs2, I have to reload all of my brushes. Is this normal? It wasn't so bad the first few weeks of having it, but now I have a LOT of brushes, so I get lazy and only download a few. What's causing this?
Paper Moon

Transition between frames

I have a bit of an animation problem. Last night I made this icon for my next tutorial ((for the colour, not how it's animated)):

The only problem is the transition. I'm not too familiar with transitions in AS3 but I know I want something reasonably smooth with as little frames as possible and with good quality - something small enough in file size to use as an LJ icon. The current one is "blind" with only one blind instead of 4, and this effect has been put onto the three original frames. The three frames it centres around are thus:

1)  2)  3)

I'll write up the tutorial on how to get this colouring once I've finished this animation. Could someone please help me find a smaller transition for AS3? Thank you.

Image ready - help on saving!

Hello everyone!
I've got a question for you.

I just got Image Ready, and i've used Animation Shop before and I've got a problem.
I created an animation, and in IR it looked okay, until I saved it as a gif - optimized.
I've checked on it and it SLOWED DOWN terribly.

before i saved it, it was going a half more fast than now.
+ is it possible to save animation in PS CS??

thank you everyone in advance!

(no subject)

I have been trying to follow these tutorials for hours now, and I feel really stupid for not being able to get it right. I have trouble when it comes to exporting it to image ready. i work with Photoshop 7, and Imageready. I have the image that I want to use, and I want to make a blinkie that says "my passion". Could anyone PLEASE make a tutorial for this? I need a COMPLETE walk through. Like... every option I need to select.

Thank you very much. This is MAJORLY appreciated.

(no subject)

My last post here wasn’t umm the best one, it was more about asking someone to make me an icon then about asking for help so I’ll ask a question this time to make up for my last post. So I was wondering, how do I get a drawn/pop art effect?

I want to know how to get this effect in this picture, as well as the pop art effect in this, this, and this picture. I just want to know how to get that pop art effect and that drawn look like in the first picture

Thanks in advance!


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