July 11th, 2007

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All right, I looked through the archives for my problem, but I didn't see it in there, so... here I am. :D

My particular problem is speed on an animated icon. It goes waaaaaay too fast on my browser of choice (I'm on WinXP with Firefox Is this a problem I can fix in ImageReady, or does it lie with Firefox? Thanks. :3 (And no, it's not the icon I'm using that I have a particular problem with. :D;; Just to clear that up.)

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First time posting on here.
i was wondering, can anyone point me in the right direction of any good PhotoShop Elements 5 tutorials. I cant find any anywhere.
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Speed problem

I made this icon and I have a problem with the speed, it goes pretty slow :( I tried everything without any luck, if somebody could help me I'll really apreciate!!..Thank you so much in advance!

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Mod Post: Images and LJ-cuts; community rules refresher

There are hard and fast rules for posting in icon_tutorial in our user info, which everyone should read and with which everyone posting should be familiar. Unfortunately, I have been noticing a lot more posts violating the rules set there. I am hoping that I can clarify this and that people will abide by the posting guidelines as a form of courtesy to the 13,916 viewers of the community.

The rule I am specifically referring to is: Always use an LJ-cut when posting any image larger than 300x300 pixels, or when posting more than three 100x100 images.

I have noticed a lot of posts with people giving other samples of icons that can be created from their tutorial, which is fine. However, in doing so, those posts have also violated the above stated rule. If you want to provide more than one sample, please place them under a cut with the rest of your tutorial. I have also noticed posts that contain large images. In those cases, I would suggest placing them under an LJ-cut. Alternatively, you might also make those images smaller to fit the posting guidelines.

This is a really large community, and we are trying to make it accessible to as many people as possible, which is the reason for the strict rules. You've all been really great about helping fellow icon-makers out with tips and tricks and tutorials, and I'm hoping that you can all do so within the posting guidelines to help out the members who also happen to be on dial-up connections. =)

Now back to your regularly scheduled icon_tutorial. Thanks, guys!

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Tutorial #6.

I will be working with PS7 for this icon, however, you probably can translate this into PSP or whatever. But please don't ask me what to do on PSP, I haven't used it for a few years now, so I pretty much am PSP-stupid now, hahaha.

Just a head's up: this tutorial uses curves and selective coloring.

( fake!Cut )
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Hey! I'm wondering if anyone could tell me how to make graphics like these. I've tried a bunch of different things and nothing seems to get this kind of effect. I will love your FOREVER if you can help me!

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I use Photoshop Elements 2 and I have curves, layer mask, and selective colouring added on.

I don't know who made these, I've just saved them at various points, so if you made any of these or know who did, comment and I'll add the credit.
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wait, what?

I don't get this, I have a perfect icon, and the coloring of it makes the hair pop out, but when I uploaded it, the coloring's faded, so did the textures I used, the glowing of it's gone.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
can anyone solve this problem?

i use photoshop cs.
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After looking through the community memories, I could find the answer to what I'm wanting to do to an icon. So, to the question.
How would I change eye color of a person and still make it look realistic? 
They way I was taught makes the eyes look you took the picture to the little paint program that came with the computer and just filled the eyes in with a color.

Can anyone help? I use PS7.
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Drop Shadow

Hello again ^^;;

I was wondering if anyone could give me good Drop Shadow tips for text.
I see icons and graphics [and I'm sorry I couldn't find any good examples] with text that has really sharp drop shadows applied to it, it helps the text pop out and it kind of reinforces the text. Regardless of the color being used in the Drop Shadow, [ie, black, pink...]

But I can never figure out the right angle to use my Drop Shadow at, I can never find the right settings or the right colors, and to be honest, despite the tutorials I keep an eye out for, I have yet to find a tutorial that uses Drop Shadow like that. Mine never comes out right.

I hope this wasn't as vague as it sounds to me :( I couldn't find an example for what I was looking for.
Basically if anyone could point me towards some icon tutorials with good drop shadow techniques or can just point out a few tips that they themselves use?

I use PSCS if that matters.

Also, I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a good tutorial for outlining people in icons.
My own attempts fail me 8D;;

Thank you for your help.
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Alright, I hope this isn't against the rules, but I've got a question.
I was trying to make caps with PowerDVD, but when I pasted it into my PS it ended up being all stretched and ugly looking.


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Is there any way to prevent this?
I already made caps with that program, but I must admit that I never made caps from movies before.