July 15th, 2007

My first tutorial - ever! Request: Hermione (Uses Selective color and Curves)

I have to admit, after I made the Hermione icon I was requested to make a tutorial of, I forgot to save it as a psd.-file, so of course I actually managed to forget how I did it. I decided to try and at least make it similiar, so here it goes:

From to

Uses selective colors and curves. (Sorry about that.)

Can be found HERE in my journal
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i want to do a toot but not sure which one. i want to learn tricks,but not sure which one to do. what i want to know is what are best toots out there? i would love to do something new with my icons, this is why i ask. i use ps cs 2 and paint shop pro x. i just wanna do something new...can you help me? please??? :-) thanks


Hi everyone! I'm new here and am in desperate need of some help! I have an icon that is very dark that I have been trying to fix. 
Here is the original:  & what I have come up with:
I'm somewhat happy with the coloring, but it has put dark spots on his beard on the right and she looks a bit funny around the eye and nose. I have played around with curves, color balance, channel mixer and hue/saturation. Any suggestions, or is it entirely hopeless?! I use PS7 on windows. Thank you!
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Alright some time ago I made a wallpaper and I deleted the psd file without realizing it, and I wanted to recreate the colouring because I liked it a lot. However, I have been unable to recreate the colouring and I was hoping some of you could help me. I'm using Adobe Photoshop PS, and I do remember using selective colouring. I also included the original image (one of them) to help!

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I've been following step 9 of this tutorial which is with the pen tool.

"9. Now I used the Freeform Pen tool and scribbled around the outside. I then right clicked and went to 'Stroke Path' and, after making sure that my brush was whire and 1px, set the stroke path on brush. The go to 'Paths' and 'Delete Path'. Sorry if that doesnt make any sense - it took me ages to try and figure out about the pen tool."

But I'm getting this ugly result: I really don't know what I'm doing wrong, I've set everything to 1px. I've asked the maker but no answer. I'm using PS 06 btw.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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Mod Post: *.psd files

Hi gang,

We the mods (aquamarcia, yueni, and me) have discussed this before, but it bears repeating:

A *.psd file on its own, without an associated tutorial, is a resource, not a tutorial, and is therefore off-topic for this community. Any posts containing a *.psd and nothing else will be deleted, just like posts of brushes or textures or the like. (Please note: if you write a tutorial and it also happens to include a *.psd file, the post stands.)

Our community goal is to educate. We find that *.psd files are shortcuts that almost never get used for real learning, just for mimicry. They have their place in the icon world, but that place is in resource communities, not here. We have a mission here to educate, and that means trying our hardest to teach each and every poster and reader the how and the why of techniques, not just how to adapt or reuse the work of those who came before.

The rules in the community userinfo have been updated to reflect this fact.

Also, please remember that no linking to or discussion of any pirated or illegal material -- software, books, etc. -- is allowed in this community. We don't care what you don in your own journal or elsewhere on the 'net, but don't bring it here. It's not worth running the risk of getting a community of more than 20,000 members suspended.

Thank you!
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Mod Post: Help us Moderate! :)

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tutorial #7

going from to

- photoshop cs 2
- selective coloring

- works best on really red screencaps/pictures

HERE @ seeingyouaround

other icons made with this tutorial

- this tutorial is a guideline, do not follow it step by step!!
- i'd like to get feedback on this tutorial and also see what others can do with this
- if you like this, feel free to join this journal
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help needed

hello, i need help with something...
when i save us something it was fine, but when i type something then that save us window looks different : http://xs117.xs.to/xs117/07280/smeller.JPG
 it is bigger, im, how can i get previuos smaller window?:)

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