July 19th, 2007

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Hi all! 
I have PS5 
I can't find texture brushes or brushes of any kind for PS5!! If anybody knows anywhere I can go...please let me know. Also I don't know how to use or put a gradient on a picture...I don't know if PS5 even has it! O.o 

Please and thank you for your time 

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Coloring help. ♥

(both icons by: powercorrupts)

For the first one, I wanted to know how to how to make her jewelery stand out with out making her skin red. When I attempted to do so, she resembled a lobster. =/

For the second one, I would like to know how to make the green and the red stand out without making the skin go all wonky.

I use PS CS3. Thanks in advanced. :)
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Posable Text?

Hello Everyone ~
How's your summer lately? ^_^

Anyways, i know this is an old question but, how do you make a text in the shape you want? Unfortunately, i don't have an example. Sorry ;_;

I hope my description is good enough to understand ^^;
I use PS CS2
Thanks in advance~!
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Saving Quality help

Hello all! So I went through the back entries and all and I thought I found what I needed, but alas. I was in no such luck.

I have Adobe Photoshop CS2, and when I make icons I can't seem to get them small enough to load onto LJ. I've tried bringing the .jpeg down to 1 (quality wise) and it doesn't work. I've tried clicking on 'Save for Web' but its all grey'ed out and won't let me. I don't know what to do! So please, if you can help--or I missed something on a back entry let me know!
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My First Tutorial After A Long Break

God, it's been a really long time since I made my last tutorial! Well now I finally made another one, it's for PS, but I guess it's easily translatable. I only got the idea to make a tutorial after I was already done with the icon, so there might be some slight differences. How to make this icon in 5 easy steps!:

from this 001 to this finished!

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Hi, please I need help!
Anyone know how get this:
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is from fotolog /xtamx1 and a friend tell me she is not more in msn and no more in
i-net, so i don't have any comunication with her. they tell me she use color balance

thanks in advance
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Request =D

Hello, I'm new. I would love to start posting tutorials but not only did I just join this community, I just joined lj. So please, help me out here! Sorry if this is off-topic but I'm having trouble getting help anywhere else!