July 20th, 2007


sae_rae Tutorial #01

This tutorial deals with lots of selective coloring done in Photoshop CS2, so I don't think it translates well to other programs. I also tried to explain the steps rather than just throwing down instructions, so we'll see how that works. Hope ya'll like; click picture for tutorial.

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Just recently, I got PSP XI and I've been working with it lately and it seems to be working nicely. However, with that in mind, it seems that my curves and levels have been... er out of whack? For the lack of a better term. Because while I was sifting through some tutorials I can't seem to notice that with others have boxes where you can insert the numbers without manually having to play with the lines and such while with mine you don't have the boxes and it makes everything so much more difficult.

Anyways, my question would be, is there anyway to get those boxes back, because I'm thinking there should be a way to set the settings? or is it just like that because Corel decided to take out the number boxes for the newer versions?

Anyways, I have some screenshots below the lj cut so help would be very welcomed :]
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Nerdy Glasses

Text assistance

Hey everybody, I need some of your expert advice!

I was in the middle of icon-making today and created this:
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However, when I went to add text to it (a new layer over the white portion), nothing showed up. I don't know if it's just me forgetting to change a setting or something, but if you have any ideas, or know what I did wrong, please help a girl out.

Thanks much!

<3 Sammy

Grungy Icon Tutorial

This is my first tutorial, but I really enjoyed making it and would love to make more in the future. So any comments on how to improve my explainations are also welcome!

Click the image to go to the tutorial. ^_^

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