July 21st, 2007

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Hi, all you nice icon makers,

I had a question is there any0ne here that uses Photoshop CS3 and do they or anyone have tutorials? Does PhotoShop CS3 work on all the other PhotoShop tutorials?

Photoshop Scratchdisks Full

Hi, i'm working with photshop cs2 *installed on my :c/ drive. I checked the memories but was rather confused by problems that were similiar to mine. Also don't think they'd help because i figured they were for the e drive only. What does the E besides the links to those entries stand for just for the e drive? ): Anyways my problem is apparently my scratchdisks are full and i don't know how to empty them can anyone help? Also how come my photoshop won't open certain images at times i often get a message that says can't open document/file it has an invalid jpg/png marker o.O.
Bjork is ~srs bizness~ don'tchakno?

Textures & Screenshots

1. How do you add textures to Photoshop? My friend said you did it the same way as you did patterns but I don't think that's right.

2. Where can I find high resolution screenshots of movies and/or video games to make icons out of?

Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop Elements?

Hello! I've been swooping in and out of icon making for awhile now, depending on when I had access to Photoshop (computers at my school used PSCS2). Now I'm on my own and looking for a program. The FAQ had a useful thing on PSP vs. PS, but I have a slightly different question: Photoshop Elements or a version of Paint Shop Pro? I'm wondering about both.
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My main use would be for photography, but I love making icons and thought I'd see where the iconing community stood. Sorry for the rambling - help would obviously be much appreciated, heh.
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