July 23rd, 2007

Rogue - Southern Belle

Looking for Bases

I've been look everywhere but I cannot seem to locate bases for those "Hello, my name is" nametag icons. Does anyone know where I can track some down/have a post where someone might have offered them before?

how dey do dat?

was just wondering,how do you get this affect?    (icon belongs to damedbx )                 i have seen this affect on many face icons and was just wondering if it is easy to recreate.  i have ps cs2 and psp x. any help would be nice thanks. :-)
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zachary and yvonne

(no subject)

Hey guys. :)

I was wondering if anyone knew how to get this sort of smoky effect in the first forum header and the effect between Logan and Veronica in the second header. Is this something I can do on Photoshop or is it just a texture? I have PS CS2 and PSP8.

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Mad Men: Joanie


Hey everyone!

Everytime I try to open a PNG file, this error message pops up: 


Does anyone know how to fix it?
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Paper Moon

31st Tutorial

Better banner :D I try my best for Warlow, YAY TO THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!

made in PSP9

If you like this or any of the other tutorials at my journal, feel free to friend me
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How to do something like this?

I always try to be creative... But my mind can't think to do beautiful photoshop things...

Hey Guys, I'd like to know how to do such perfect layout such as:

I'm not a photoshop beginner... I've been working with this software for about 2 years, but only simple things now i wanna to go "higher"

Hope you help me!

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Harry Potter Immortality
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I was hoping that someone would be able to tell me how to get this kind of effect:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I use Photoshop Elements5 if that helps.
Thanks in advance!
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help with this pic

I have this pic,I know the quality is not the best,but every time I try to icon it,it just turns out like crap,i tried with color fills,curves,leves and every tool I know of in Photoshop,still I can't make a good icon out of it.
What techniques would you use with this pic?
I use photoshop CS2 Collapse )

Imageready Mini-Movie making problem

Whenever I try to take an .avi or .mpeg movie (like, a music video) into imageready to turn it into one of those animated icons, it doesn't work. All the frames show up as white. Help?! I'm using Photoshop CS2 and Imageready. I've tried it with multiple videos but none work.
Jared [tattoo]


So, for the past 4 days, this has been happening.

Everytime I shut down the computer and then start it up, Adobe PS CS goes default. I mean, all my brushes are erased. Most of my gradients are gone. And patterns are no more. And when I open it, the layout of PS isn't how I left it. It looks exactly the same as how it looked like when I first got PS.

Is anyone willing to help me?
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