July 27th, 2007


selective coloring help???

hey im new to this place  ^_^  does anyone know if i can do selective coloring in adobe imageready? 
i have been told that adobe imageready is for animations so if not does anybody know any tutorials that can help me make selective coloring type effects? 
this would really really be helpful! so if you know of any plz let me know =) and thanks in advance!!
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(no subject)

ok can someone point me in the right direction for lists of peoples icon tutorials please? i know this site has some but do anyone have their own lists i can have a look at? sorry for asking...:-)
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This probably isn't the place to be asking this, but whenever I try to make an icon or a graphic in general, and I want to turn my text on an angle, my text gets really blurry..
I use PSP8 most of the time to do this, so I'm just wondering how to get it.. Not blurry.

And it's not with just one certain font..
It does it with every font I try.


Any help would be wonderful!
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How do you make "Actions" in PS:CS2?

My second question in as many days.

I want to make an "action" that will reduce the size of a pile of screencaps so I don't have to do it one by one.

I've been reading the instructions in my Photoshop program but they are not very helpful. I've looked through the memories, but could not find anything on "actions" in PS:CS2.

So my question. Does anyone have a tutorial on how to make actions?

I'm going to google it, but I thought I would go ahead and ask just in case someone knows of a tut. Which would be faster than trying to find one myself.

I want to try making a movie icon. If someone knows of a faster way of getting all the caps into one palette and reducing the size I'd love to know. Would one of the animation tutorials be helpful? Could I do this in Image Ready?

I'd still like to know about the actions though.

Thanks for any help.

Feeling stupid

I've searched the memories and went back manymanymany pages and can't find out how to do selective coloring in PSP8. It's not there under new adjustment layer, or perhaps it's just not labeled the same? I can't imagine that there's no way to do it; usually they only *add* things to the newer programs, not delete... Anyone able to help?
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(no subject)

 why hello there. (:

 i was just wondering, does anyone have a good tutorial for; 
 this icon?

 it looks really bland atm. /:
 can you help me make it pretty? <3

- i use Photoshop cs3. (x

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